Up The Down Ladder, by Dolores Ayotte/ Five Star Review!


Although this book was meant to be a self-help sort of thing for people with depression, I found that I was able to take a lot out of it. I do not suffer from depression, but rather, severe anxiety issues. Many of the issues discussed in this book hit home hard for me. I’ve felt like I was at the bottom of the ladder, as if there were nothing more I could possibly do, and at times, I was ready to give up. I’m glad that I was able to read this book, because a lot of the advice and inspiration contained within it’s pages were things I needed to hear right now. Although I honestly did not think I would walk away from this book feeling any better about myself or doing more with my life, I have been proven very wrong. I feel much better about myself, and I’ve decided to do some things to make myself feel even better. This book, actually, spurred me on, as silly as it seems, to deep clean my house. It’s something that I have been meaning to do for months, and although I don’t particularly enjoy the cleaning itself, I have always loved the feeling of sitting back and looking at the work I have accomplished. I am also going to begin riding my bike again because it’s something I so enjoy- and, as a stay at home mom, it is something that gives me that half hour or an hour to myself, to do something I enjoy, and to stay fit while I’m at it! Although this book is geared towards those suffering from depression, I highly recommend it to everyone with even the smallest inkling of self doubt, or even the tinniest of burdens. It’s an inspiration work I am very happy I read, and I believe that you feel the very same way.

*This review was done by Chelsea*


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