Poetically Baring My Soul, by Jerald Brown/Three Star Review


Poetically Baring My Soul was both good and bad. The bad was that I did not think the way that the poems were written were the best that they could be. The poets word usage and form were a bit unappealing. I appreciated his striving towards placing the beauty and mercy of God into every day terms or likenesses, but I simply felt it left me wanting something more. Honestly speaking, the form and wording were a bit juvenile. The joy in receiving God that I believe the poet was trying to display did not seem to come from the depths of his soul, but instead seemed rather forced. Now, I mentioned that there was good also. I truly enjoyed the fact that the poet put so much effort forth into depicting his personal relationship with God, and being a Christian myself, I always appreciate those who try to spread the word of the gospel. There were also individual poems within the text which I felt were very well written or exposed true depth of emotion. If you enjoy a christian book or poetry (and are not a finicky poetry reader like myself) I would recommend this book to you.

*This review was done by Chelsea*


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