Folly At The Fair, by Kari Bovee – 5 Star Review!

51Y+ym2qfbLStory Rating: *****
Cover Rating: A

Being a rural girl, I’ve always loved learning about Annie Oakley. The concept of this book (and the entire series) is fascinating. The sharpshooting Annie Oakley turned sharp-eyed and quick-witted detective? It ends up making perfect sense in all senses of the word!

The beginning snatches you right up into the story, although it does leave you guessing, too. Without giving too much away, I can say that you’ll never understand the beginning until you’re much farther in the book. I rather enjoyed that. You’re given information and left wondering how it’s applicable to the overall plot, but somewhere within the story a lightbulb goes off in your head and you go, “How could I have not seen that?”

The story is fast-paced. There are twists and turns that have you scratching your head. Each time you think you’ve figured it out, you realize you’re wrong. I highly recommend Folly at the Fair to anyone who enjoys westerns, historical fiction, or mysteries. It’s got a little something for everyone inside!

The cover is engaging and offers you an accurate depiction of what you’ll find inside the story.

What Frees the Heart, by Karen A. Wyle – 5 Star Review!!


Story Rating: ****
Cover Rating: A

I was so excited for this book to come out. I read and fell in love with “What Heals the Heart” and was excited for another Cowbird Creek title to come out. Wyle did NOT disappoint. This story may have been even more gripping than the first, and I absolutely loved to see yet another “not so common” romance bloom.

One of the things I love best about this book is that it takes two flawed people and puts them together. Anyone who has read my reviews knows I love flawed characters because it creates a more realistic story for me. Perfect heroes and heroines are so hard to relate to. But I also love the combination of old fashioned and female empowerment Wyle uses in her stories. The females aren’t helpless, but they do need help. They can do much of everything on their own, but the few things they can’t, the hero can – while the heroine can do what he can’t. It’s less a damsel in distress and more a real union of meeting the other’s needs.

I highly recommend this title to anyone who wants a realistic yet swoon-worthy romance that will leave you begging for more. I also recommend it to anyone who enjoys westerns, historicals, or mostly clean romance.

The cover is engaging and offers an accurate depiction of what readers should expect inside the story.

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The Song Garden, by Vicky Weber (Illustrated by Zoe Mellors) – 5 Star Review!

61wQ4HY5kML._SX258_BO1,204,203,200_Story Rating: *****
Cover Rating: A

This is a sweet, whimsical story about a young girl who is determined to create a “song garden” on her own, without the help of her parents. The story has a great lesson in it about being brave, taking chances, and not hindering your own creativity. Because, after all, there are no wrong choices when it comes to creating something. Throughout the book, there is information about music that children can learn.

My son really enjoyed this story. The illustrations are captivating and he really liked that the story had an older sister and much younger brother. That’s how our family is, so he kept saying the older girl was his sister and he was the little boy.

The cover is eye-catching and accurately depicts what readers should expect to find inside the story.

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Taino Tales: The Secret of the Hummingbird, by Vicky Weber (Illustrated by Olha Melnyk) – 5 Star Review!

51qRJVGoMKL._SX260_Story Rating: *****
Cover Rating: A

This is a beautiful retelling of an old Taino legend about how the hummingbird was created. The way the story is retold is both easy for children to understand but not “dumbed down” either. I enjoyed the story and found the illustrations bright, colorful, and descriptive.

This book has quickly become my son’s favorite book. He has me read it to him at least once a day – and sometimes more! The pictures invite him to ask questions and look closer to see all the details. He calls it his “bird book” and sits eagerly waiting for the part where the man is transformed into a hummingbird.

The cover is very eye-catching and offers an accurate depiction of what readers should expect to find inside the story.

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Lazlo Learns Recorder, by Vicky Weber (Illustrated by Masha Klot) – 5 Star Review!!

61liptm2zYL._SY498_BO1,204,203,200_Story Rating: *****
Cover Rating: A

This is an adorable children’s story about a lemur named Lazlo who starts a new school and gets to learn how to play recorder in music class. I enjoyed reading the story to my son and thought it had several valuable lessons hidden in the story. First, the book encourages a love of music (which my son definitely has) and second, it shares insight into starting a new school and making new friends.

My son, age two, loved the story. He pointed to the pictures as we read and identified what he knew, asked questions about what he didn’t. The illustrations are beautiful, colorful, and highly detailed.

The cover is very eye-catching and offers an accurate depiction of what readers should expect to find inside the book.

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Beyond the Moon by Catherine Taylor – Five Star Review!


Wow, where do I even begin with this one? The story starts right in the middle of the action, so we’re immediately swept into the thick of things. At first, it isn’t obvious how the story is going to play out. The tale is told through two character POVs and the shifts from one to the other are seamless.

From the beginning to the end, I didn’t want to put the book down. I just had to know what was going to happen, as I gripped the edge of my seat and read on furiously. The smallest details are taken care of, so you really feel transported into the character’s worlds.

The romance isn’t your normal time travel. I feel there was a good dose of science fiction and religious ideology entwined with the time travel narrative. I loved how everything was described and panned out. Although the book ends with a bit of mystery left, it’s an ending I quite enjoyed. I really can’t rave about this book enough and highly recommend you grab yourself a copy. If you enjoy romance, time travel, war novels, or – dare I say – science fiction and fantasy, you will love this book.

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Allison Shatters the Looking Glass by C.M. Stunich (Harem of Hearts, #3) – 5 Star Review!

51HjU3095LL.jpgStory Rating: *****
Cover Rating: A

Wow. I could not have asked for a better finale to this series, although I was really wondering how it was going there for a while. Like, you think it’s going to end one way and then it seems like it’s going to end another but it ends on an entirely different note all together. This third volume is hot, steamy, packed full of action, and as gritty and raw as I’ve come to expect from Stunich – with a touch of the whimsical, nonsensical that characterizes this series specifically. LOVED it, but kind of sad to see it end!

The cover is eye-catching and offers an accurate depiction of what readers should expect to find within the book.

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A Lady’s Past by A.S. Fenichel – 5 Star Review!

51MUPFqYPrL.jpgStory Rating: *****
Cover Rating: A

This was a gripping story that was jam-packed with both adventure and romance from the first page to the last. There were pleasant and unpleasant shocks and surprises along the way. I was kept guessing at what might happen next. The romance between the main characters was heart warming and totally swoon-worthy. The historical details created a rich setting, realistic enough that it was almost as if I’d been transported back in time. A Lady’s Past was a quick read, which I devoured in about 12 hours. Highly recommended for anyone who loves historical romances.

The cover is eye-catching and offers an accurate description of what readers should expect to find inside it’s pages.

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Havoc at Prescott High by C.M. Stunich – 5 Star Review!

51cXsr4GzDL.jpgStory Rating: *****
Cover Rating: A

I may have found a new favorite author with this book. The style of writing was so true to the main character that it was easy to get inside of her head. The story was gritty, raw, intense, and so steamy. I love how each of the Havoc boys have these little things that make them your not-so-typical bad boys. They’re got backstories that pull at your heart strings and they’re sooooo delicious. I’m thinking my favorite is a toss up between Hael and Callum. But I also love that Bernadette isn’t your typical heroine. She’s bad A in her own right. I can’t WAIT for the next one to come out, and I will DEFINITELY be reading more from this author.

The cover is eye-catching and offers an accurate description of what readers should expect to find within the story.

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When the Whistler Calls by Carla Day – 5 Star Review!!

31MlZxirtwL._SY346_.jpgStory Rating: *****
Cover Rating: A

What the…. what? WHAT? I’ve never had a book making me feel so messed up in teh head. Here I thought I was clever. “Oh, I knew that. Yup, knew that was coming. Nailed it!” And then? BOOM! Shattered. Not at all what I thought was going to happen. I don’t know if I’ll ever know anything anymore. The book reminds me of a really old horror flick I used to watch as a kid called “Dead End.” If you like getting screwed in the head, read this. I swear you won’t regret it. No lie. Wow…..

The cover is eye-catching and offers an accurate depiction of what to find within the story. (As accurate as you can get with a mind-bending book like this one!)


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