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(as of 11/24/2019)

For Readers:

You can find our blog’s previous book reviews according to category below. The books received are either gifted to us by the author/publisher in exchange for an honest review, purchased ourselves, or borrowed from the library/friends/family members.

Book reviews are broken down into genres, listed below. They can also be accessed under the “book reviews” page in the top menu bar, where the drop-down menu will also list out the different book genres we’ve previously reviewed.

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For Authors:


**While we strive to offer ongoing review services for all Indie and Small Press Authors, we have quickly become overwhelm with reviews. Therefore, we will not be accepting any new review requests until January 1st, 2020. We apologize for the inconvenience and wish you all the best in finding other reviewers for your book.**

*Please note that ALL reviews are completely honest! If we feel that a book is rated a one or two star, we will contact the author in advance to see if they’d like us to post the review. If it is decided they would rather us not, we won’t. Why? Because our reviews are a matter of personal taste and not necessarily a reflection of the author’s writing skills.

*We are listed on The Indie View’s list of reviewers! You can find more potential reviewers here. 

About Our Reviews:

*Our reviews range anywhere between 20 and 1,000 words, depending on how much we have to say. In addition to our five-star rating system on the book itself, we also rate the book’s cover (on our blog only) on a grading scale. Both of our rating systems are described more in-depth below.

*We post our reviews on the blog, Goodreads, and Amazon. The review is also shared on Chelsea Falin’s author page on Facebook (2.8K followers) and her new Twitter page (178 followers – this page is brand new, and will soon have more followers). We may have additional outlets for sharing book reviews in the future.

*Our book ratings range from one to five stars, and you will most likely not find many one or two star reviews on the blog.

  • * (one star) = definitely would not recommend/did not like it at all
  • **(two stars) = probably would not recommend/didn’t like it, but managed to finish
  • *** (three stars) = might or might not recommend/it was okay
  • ****(four stars) = probably would recommend/liked it
  • *****(five stars) = definitely would recommend/loved it

*Our book cover rating system is based on how well the cover draws in our attention and how well it fits the story. This is done on a letter grading scale.

  • F = does not draw attention AND doesn’t fit the story at all
  • D = does not draw attention OR doesn’t fit the story at all
  • C = draws the attention a little/fits the story a little
  • B = both draws the attention and fits the story, but could use work
  • A = definitely draws the attention AND fits the story well
  • A+ = PERFECT cover, no room for improvement AT ALL

Genres Accepted/Preferred:

*Note that all books reviewed on this blog are purchased ourselves, received in giveaways, borrowed from the library, or gifted to us in exchange for an honest review. We review both traditionally published and independently published books of all genres.

*The current genres we are accepting is ALL. We will consider both fiction and non-fiction, including children’s books, young adult books, and NSFW books like erotica. Our primary reviewer (author Chelsea Falin) has a strong preference towards romance (including erotica), fantasy, historical fiction, and contemporary fiction.

*Our blog encompasses ALL people, and as such, if we review erotica we ask that all images are semi-appropriate. Shirtless men? Totally fine. Book covers that hint at sex? Totally fine. Book covers that feature full nudity or  include the use of inappropriate words in the title/on the cover? We can’t feature that here on the blog. We CAN and WILL write up reviews for books with covers/titles that are highly NSFW on both Goodreads and Amazon, however.

*Children’s books will be reviewed by either a 10-year-old girl or a 2-year-old boy (Chelsea’s children). Children’s books are the only genre which MUST be sent in physical format.

Get Your Book Reviewed:

**We are not currently accepting reviews**

*Please remember to include the following information information in your request: title, author’s name, link to book on Amazon and Goodreads (if applicable).

*We prefer PDF or print formats, as our kindle is currently broken!

*Please note: we do not adhere to requests for specific dates, as scheduling can sometimes be a hassle and we don’t want to disappoint authors by giving deadlines we fail to reach. Right now, we have a VERY small queue of books as the blog has just gotten started back up.

*We ask that all authors who have their books reviewed share their book reviews on their social media sites. This not only helps the blog continue growing, but ensures your review gets the most attention – which means it helps you make the most sales!

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