(Guest Post) Fortune Cookie Wisdom, by Pamela Ackerson

fortune cookie wisdom teaser 2

How many of you have looked forward to opening that sweet cookie hoping to get something special out of its words of wisdom? I have, and I saved my favorite ones. I got that habit from my mum. She loved fortune cookies, and would have a pile stuffed away in her bureau drawer of all her favorites she’d collected over the years.

She had one favorite she kept on her bureau. It went something like “Whatever you’re searching for, it’s most likely right in front of you.” For years I always wondered why she kept it until one day, I asked.

“Well,” she said, “Everyone takes the meaning differently. But for me, it meant to be happy with what I have. And once in a while, when I feel like nothing is ever good enough. I read it and realize how very lucky I have been.”

Wow. Just wow. First, it brought a whole different perspective of who my mother was, and how she handled her emotions, the ups and downs she had to deal with. It made me more observant of her actions, habits, and moods.

After that day, I’d catch her once in a while pulling out one of the fortune cookie quotes from her drawer. She’d read it, smile, and then put it back. They gave her just enough of a positive nudge. Perfect for what she needed.

Years ago, I had a journal (lost in a move) and I’d saved the pearls of wisdom and then written down what they meant to me. How it made me feel, and what questions it brought to my mind. Writing always made me feel better, whether I was writing a poem, short story, or nonfiction. It felt good to hold that pen in my hand.

The positivity I received from my favorite fortune cookie quotes lasted years, and I still have a few tucked away.

Several months ago, I decided to start drafting what many of the quotes meant to me, and it dawned on me. If this works so well for me, why not share the love? And the Fortune Cookie Wisdom Journal book was born. They aren’t quotes from slips I’ve collected. They’re what I got out of the quotes I’ve collected. And for you to take that and write away on the pages of the Fortune Cookie Journal.

Do you have a favorite quote?

Mine is “To multiply your happiness, divide it with others.”

Have a good moments day,

Pam Ackerson

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