(Guest Post) A Word From Dr. Aura Imbarus

conversations with the past teaser 1

Throughout our lives, our past experiences will come back, not once but many times, in different forms. We might simply relive the memories of what has happened to us or we might recreate the same scenario, either positive or negative.

To which extend is our past going to influence our present?

Well, it will influence it to the degree we will let it do that.

Consciously or unconsciously, the past will be digested and replayed more than once by all of us. The idea is to relive only the positive parts and really get rid of the negative ones.

But, like an alcoholic who doesn’t realize that he has a problem in order to change, we can play the same scenario, over and over again, expecting different results. In order to change something, we need to realize that we have a problem. That issue will stir up the idea of change, and action will put everything in motion.

“Conversations with the Past” was born out of that desire to be more aware of our issues, the way we respond to them, and, last, but not least, get rid of that debilitating pattern that has only created havoc and disappointments.


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