A Time-Travelers Guide Through the Multiverse Book Blitz!!

Science Fiction, Time Travel, Sci-fi Rom-com

Date Published: July 2020

Publisher: Carrick Publishing


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Enrico Fermi wasn’t the last physicist who was both an experimental
and theoretical genius, but Professor Gail Hoff will never receive the Nobel
Prize. She wants to travel through time but discovers she can only go
forward. She goes time-traveling through several universes of the
multiverse, never to return to her little lab outside Philly. Jeff Langley,
her jack-of-all-trades electronics wizard, accompanies her.

Their escapades, both amorous and adventurous, make this sci-fi rom-com a
far-out road-trip story filled with dystopian and post-apocalyptic
situations, first encounter, robots and androids—all that and more
await the reader who rides along.



About the Author

Steven M. Moore was born in California and has lived in various parts of
the US and Colombia, South America. He always wanted to be a storyteller but
had to postpone that dream to work in academia and R&D as a physicist.
His travels around Europe, South America, and the US, for work or pleasure,
taught him a lot about the human condition and our wonderful human
diversity, a learning process that started during his childhood in
California’s San Joaquin Valley.

Steve is now a full-time writer who has written many sci-fi, mystery, and
thriller novels, some of them contained in six series. He and his wife now
live in Montclair, NJ, only thirteen miles west of the Lincoln Tunnel.

You can learn more about Steve and his books at his website:
https://stevenmmoore.com. Use the contact page there to communicate with
him…and to sign up for his email newsletter.


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What If? Book Blitz!!


Date Published: July 10, 2020

Publisher: Fidelli Publishing


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These are dark stories that will make you wonder, think and hopefully
appreciate life if it ever gets back to normal again. Welcome to the worlds
I created and learn about the odd relationships and people that experience
life in ways you might not want to endure. What if your life was not your
own? What if you had to conform to the laws and mores of others? Each story
is unique unto itself and each will  give you pause for thought I hope
as you enter the worlds I created.


About the Author

Fran Lewis is the host of MJ network on Blog talk radio and is a reviewer
for most publishing companies. Just reviews is her sight. Fran is a reading
and writing staff developer who worked with students for 36 years in a New
York City Public School. She is a member Marquis Who’s Who, Cambridge
Who’s Who and Who’s Who of America’s Professionals.



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Instagram: @Berthatillie49


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Andoid’s Daughter Book Tour & Giveaway!!

Android’s Daughter
by Marshal Northrup
Genre: Science Fiction
A beautiful android steals a baby.
Andrea is an assassin who lives in a floating city.
When on the job she decides to steal a baby. With
the help from a friend she raises the child to the age
of training. But nothing is what it seems and the true test begins.
If you like to read good science fiction and laugh then you will want to read Androids Daughter.
I live in Northeastern Oklahoma with my wife. I love to write science fiction because you’re writing about things that may be possible.
$25 Amazon
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Sentinel Book Blitz!!

Shadowborn Rebellion, Book 2

Sci-fi Romance

Published: July 18, 2020

Publisher: Anything-but-Ordinary Books


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Determined to spend some time alone with the feisty human he wants as his
mate, Salvo Xett invites Natalie Marino to Ghost City. He’s afraid she
will find the abject poverty shocking after the relative luxury of the other
villages, but he must know her reaction before he claims her. Ghost City is
his home. His mate must be able to see beyond the scorched ruins to the
forgotten people desperately needing their help.

No sooner do Salvo and Natalie arrive in Ghost City than they are asked to
rescue a kidnapped child. Their investigation takes them on an inadvertent
tour through the seediest parts of town. Natalie is horrified yet filled
with compassion and determination. Her intense attraction to Salvo might
have brought her to Ghost City, but a burning need to help the
“urbanites” convinces her to stay. Pleased by her reaction to
the conflict, Salvo is even more convinced that he has found his soulmate
and will stop at nothing to claim her as his own.


Other books in the Shadowborn Rebellion Sci-fi Romance Series:



Shadowborn Rebellion, Book 1

Published: March 2020

Publisher: Anything-but-Ordinary Books

General Malik Xett doesn’t have time for romance. His one and only
concern is curtailing the power and influence of the ruthless Sarronti
elite. Still, the human female working with him lingers in his mind and
fuels his imagination.

Though Kara O’Leary has been attracted to Malik since they first met,
she never dreamed he returned her feelings. One kiss ignites a hunger
neither can deny, but the timing couldn’t be worse. Hostilities
rapidly escalate and new threats are revealed. How can Malik and Kara bring
freedom to the “world below” when all they can think about is
each other?

Buy it on Amazon


 About the Author

Cyndi has written about rock stars, vampires, and cat shifters, but she’s
currently focused on outer space. Her stories are fun, fast-paced, and
seriously hot. Her books have made the USA Today Top 100, and frequently
appear on Amazon Best Seller lists. She is currently working on the
Shadowborn Rebellion, a spin-off series set in the Outcasts universe.



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The Hero Within: Awareness Book Tour!!



Yeral E. Ogando

Christian Science Fiction

Have you ever wondered about the power we possess as Christians?

Do you love reading about superheroes and their powers?

From The Hero Within Series – Awareness

A Story that will excite your imagination, and inspire you to ask yourself “Who am I”…

It will remind you that the Gifts of the spirit manifest in spiritual warfare and through the battles we face each day.

Let it unveil the reality behind our daily lives and show you how God’s calling can bring wonder to you and those around you.

Walk beside our hero through the challenges he will face each day that will test his resolve and strengthen your spirit.

Discover the Gifts of Revelation, Power and Inspiration in and through the Spirit in our Hero.

Learn how these gifts are used by our Hero with the help of God.

Grow in strength and knowledge alongside our hero and embrace the growing process of the Holy Spirit.

Book Trailer:



Amazon → https://amzn.to/2ZaulBW

Barnes & Noble → https://bit.ly/3e846jO

Books2Read https://books2read.com/u/4AjGAb

Kobo → https://www.kobo.com/ww/en/ebook/awareness-9


Anthony? Anthony, sweetheart, can you hear me?”

Becky’s brown face hovered inches from his own. The relief surging through him was immense, but still not quite strong enough to drown out the crushing pain that barreled through him.

An anvil sat on top of his chest, and every muscle in his body throbbed as if he had just run a marathon. The vise attached to his head kept tightening.

“Becky.” he breathed.

“Thank God, you’re okay.” She leaned forward and kissed him softly, as if she was afraid he might break.

“How long have I been here?” The intense pain grounded him—helped him forget the leaf he’d seen shifting in the breeze.

“Fifteen hours. They took you right back to surgery when you arrived. Thankfully, it went smoothly.”

“I was shot,” he whispered. Knowing a bullet had penetrated his body sobered him. He lacked the strength to even cry.

“I know.”

He glanced around at the generic hospital room, fear and safety tugging at his emotions. “Ben?” he asked.

Becky grabbed his hand “He’s at the neighbor’s house. I’ll call them with an update when the doctor gets in.”

As his Caucasian fingers interlocked with her Hispanic ones, Anthony choked up. He wished Becky could have seen the green outfield from when he had slipped away. He found himself wanting to apologize for so many different things.

“I knew you’d want Janet to know you were here,” Becky said as she squeezed his hand. “I called her right away.”


“I’ve been keeping her up to date. When you came out of surgery two hours ago, she indicated she’d be here sometime tonight.”

Anthony agonized over the many texts he’d received from Janet and how he’d ignored most of them. If he had died after the gunshot, those unanswered texts would be his last impression on his sister.

Pathetic when you considered how she had rallied around when their mother died while he was still in college. No wonder Janet continued to mother him.

He glanced at Becky. She’d been crying and looked very tired. Had she been awake all night?

“You know,” he said, hoping to lift her spirits. “I went to Sam and Ethel’s store to get some ice cream bars. The strawberry ones you enjoyed so well.”

“I figured as much. Much as I like them, they are not worth this.”

“I don’t know about that.” The chuckle that rose from his throat hurt his chest. He swallowed. “You’re worth—”

At a gentle knock on the door, they turned to see a cheerful-looking doctor come into the room carrying a clipboard and a folder.

“Good to see you’re awake. How are you feeling?”

“Sore,” Anthony said. “Tired.”

“You can add lucky to the list.” The doctor moved to the edge of the bed and stood beside Becky. “We were able to remove the bullet and repair the damage. But if that slug had been a half inch lower, the chances of your survival would have been slim to none.”

Anthony clutched Becky’s hand while he searched the doctor’s face. “But I’m going to be okay?”

“You’ll remain sore for a few days, and the injury will itch unbearably while it heals. But yes, outside of keeping you here a while longer for observation, it seems you’re out of the woods.”

The doctor checked the monitors. Then he ran a series of cognitive tests, checked Anthony’s vision, and reflexes.

“Looking good.” The doctor gave a smile of approval. “A nurse will check back in an hour or so. I suggest you get some rest. Right now, it’s the best thing for your body.”

“I’ll try,” Anthony said. “Thanks.”

A very relieved looking Becky smiled at the doctor. “Yes, doctor. Thanks so much.”

“One more thing. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself crying more than usual. Any surgery near the heart seems to affect patient’s emotions.” The doctor turned about and left the room.

Becky’s face scrunched. She heaved deeply and wept into the side of Anthony’s hospital bed. “I thought I had lost you.”

He reached out and stroked her dark hair. “Well you didn’t. “I’m still here, and I’m not planning on going anywhere.”

Again the picture came to him of playing catch on the outfield with his old man. What did it mean? He sensed there was some great power waiting for him on the other side of the grass.

So was it really something to avoid, or not?


Taking the doctor’s advice and resting was easy because Anthony fell asleep with Becky still clinging to the side of the bed, their hands interlocked.

An hour and a half later, when a nurse came into the room to check on him, he roused. The nurse assured him that his vitals were good and he was headed in the right direction.

He lolled his head back on the pillow but now he was wide awake and too anxious to get back to sleep.

Becky had pulled a chair close to the bed and sat beside him quietly.

He studied her face and wondered what it had been like to receive the phone call letting her know her husband of twelve years had been shot.

How much had she seen? Had she caught a glimpse of him before the surgery, soaked in blood while being pushed on a gurney?

He continued to stare at his wife. She was so beautiful the way her long hair framed her face, and. he was overwhelmed by how much he loved her. Ashamed of how badly he had treated her for most of their marriage, he let a few tears slip out. Things were going to change.

A knock sounded at the door, and Anthony expected it was the doctor or a nurse coming to check on him again. Instead, Janet poked her head around the door. At fifty two, along with her short salt and pepper colored hair, the stress and worry on her face made her look eerily like their mother.

“Come on in.” His voice was amazingly weak.

His sister slowly entered the room looking at him as if she didn’t trust her own eyes.

Becky rose from the chair with a smile, and the two women met with a hug at the end of the hospital bed.

Janet looked back at her brother over Becky’s head and frowned. “Oh, Anthony are you really okay?”

“According to the doctors.”

“Am I intruding?” Janet asked, glancing at Becky.

“Of course not.” Becky patted the back of the chair where she’d been sitting. “In fact, why don’t you stay with him for a while? I need to go find some coffee.”

“Coffee sounds good. Could you bring me a cup too?”

With a nod, Becky headed out.

Janet took up the post Becky had previously occupied by the bed. “I don’t even know what to say. You are all the family I have left. I was so terrified.”

“I was a little scared, too,” Anthony admitted with a sheepish laugh.

“I prayed for you the entire way here. I know you don’t buy into that, but I did it anyway.”

Anthony thought of the green outfield and how their father had spoken to him. “Actually, I appreciate it.”

Maybe, the power I felt on the other side of the grass was God. It was a jarring thought. Anthony had always believed in a god of some sort, but he had basically ruled out the God who Janet devoted her life to.

Still what or who had directed him back to the world of the living, using the vision of his deceased father?

Anthony had been borderline rude to Janet every time she’d mentioned her faith. Now, as she sat at his bedside while a bandage covered his surgery wound, he wondered just how she had acquired such faith.

More than that, he wondered how he could get it. But he immediately put the thought at the back of his mind.

“Whether or not it was your praying that did it,” Anthony said offhandedly, “the doctor indicated I was lucky. Half an inch lucky, to be exact.”

“Yeah, I know. Becky told me. Would you mind if I pray over you right now?”

Anthony was a bit taken aback. But what harm could there be? “II guess it would be okay.”

With a smile on her face, Janet took both of his hands in hers. She clasped them tightly and bowed her head.

“Lord, thank you for saving Anthony. Thank you for your grace and your mercy and thank you for—”

Anthony didn’t hear the rest. Out of nowhere, a tremendous flood of grief tore through him, and he wept.

He saw the green outfield again, but this time, his father and his younger self were nowhere to be seen. Instead, it was just him in his current thirty-seven year old body.

Anthony. A soft voice penetrated his mind. I have chosen you. I have work for you to do. But you need to accept and know Me first.

Then just as quickly it was gone. The voice and the outfield. All gone in the blink of an eye.

When the vision faded, he realized he was still crying, and Janet was holding him close.

“Anthony, what’s wrong? Are you okay?”

“I’m sorry.”

“What for?” Janet asked.

“I don’t know.” And he didn’t.

He wasn’t sure if the apology was directed at Janet, Becky, or God. Maybe it was intended for all three.

“But II think I need to talk to you.”

“About what?”

He looked at her sheepishly, “God.”

Yeral E. Ogando was born on May 18th, 1977 in Las Matas de Farfán,
Dominican Republic. Yeral is polyglot or a multilingual person.He has been able to learn Spanish, English, French, Italian, Haitian
Creole, German, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Modern & Biblical
Greek and Biblical Hebrew.Yeral E. Ogando has earned several degrees:

Master of Arts in Theological Studies

Master of Arts in Languages and Linguistics

Doctor of Philosophy in Theology

He has been a Bible professor for many years and teacher for several
languages locally and internationally, such as Spanish, English, French,
Italian, Portuguese, and Haitian Creole.

He has also been able to write the following books:

* The Hero Within – Power (Volume Two)

* The Hero Within – Nede Land (Volume Three)

* Teach Yourself Italian by Yeral E. Ogando.

* Teach Yourself Haitian Creole Conversation by Yeral E. Ogando.

* Teach Yourself Haitian Creole by Yeral E. Ogando.

* And many other books for language learning (English, Spanish, Creole and Italian)

* Coming Soon From The Hero Within Series (Volume Four – Volume Five – Volume Six)

His hobbies are reading and listening to music. He is passionate for
teaching, learning and starting new ministries and businesses.

He is the founder and owner of the successful internet business www.christian-translation.com, thus reaching the world in more than 200 languages since 2004.










Sailing on the Tides of Burning Sand Book Tour & Giveaway!!

Sailing on the Tides of Burning Sand and Other Stories
by Michael Darling
Genre: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Short Stories
Ghosts. Monsters. Harry Houdini Meets Charles Dickens in Outer Space.
These amazing stories and more await between the covers of Michael Darling’s first short story collection, featuring all the stories from his bestselling Tales from the Behindbeyond series, including an exclusive new story “The Morrigan’s Sister,” only available in this volume. From humorous to frightening to thought-provoking, these twelve brilliant stories are an enchanting gift from one of fiction’s most inventive new voices.
“A unique, often creepy delight.” – Michaelbrent Collings Bram Stoker Award Finalist and Bestseller
“Michael Darling is a talent, a master of perspective and playful storytelling.” – Johnny Worthen Award-Winning Author of What Immortal Hand
“Sailing on the Tides of Burning Sand” – Science Fiction
A man and woman, apparent strangers, sail over a surreal desert landscape on their way to a dangerous and uncertain destiny.
“Temp” – Science Fiction
A young woman, working beneath a futuristic city, learns that some risks are worth taking.
“Two Mock, A Killingbird” – Science Fiction
A defense attorney knows her client hid his girlfriend’s body for weeks in a freezer, but his motive is even more bizarre than the crime.
“Spera Angelorum” – Science Fiction
Harry Houdini and Charles Dickens meet in outer space to entertain a planet of angels, until a demon appears and there is no escape.
“Grandmother Who Breaks the Sky” – Fantasy/Horror
Ray Bradbury meets H.P. Lovecraft as a little boy defies the curse of a mummified Indian princess, prepared to halt the emergence of an ancient god, even if it costs the lives of everyone close to him.
“The Hollow” – Horror
A 19th-century scientist proves his theory that he can scare his wife to death, but when he succeeds, the real nightmare begins.
“Meredith in St. Louis” – Horror
An NSA agent wants to get close to the cute guy on the train until a viral outbreak brings her closer than she could ever want.
“Blank Check” – Horror/Comedy
Hunting demons can be hell, especially when a vengeful ex delivers two demons for the price of one.
“The Mark” – Fantasy
A Behindbeyond Tale. The Irish mob finds out that they’ve not only summoned a Fae from a magical realm to help them with a robbery, they’ve also summoned a more dangerous criminal. Winner of the United Authors Association Grand Prize.
“Lucky Day” – Fantasy
A Behindbeyond Tale. Recounts the adventures of a young Fae halfling as he attempts to fulfill his mother’s destiny. A story that parallels events from the bestselling novel Got Luck by Michael Darling.
“The Morrigan’s Sister” – Fantasy
A Behindbeyond Tale. Erin works for the Miami-Dade medical examiner’s office and gets way more than she bargained for as she uses her magical powers to solve the mystery of the Popsicle Killer. Available only in this short story collection.
“Feasty-Feast” – Horror/Comedy
Tiny predators who live in the wall and feed on memories prove without a doubt that you are what you read. Winner of the Silver Quill award.
Book Trailer
#1 Amazon bestseller Michael Darling has worked as a butcher, a librarian, and a magician. Not all at the same time. He nests in the exquisitely beautiful Rocky Mountains with his equally breathtaking wife, their normal-if-you-don’t-look-too-close children and a very large St. Bernese dog named Appa. Yes, the Darlings have a “Nana” dog. Michael’s award-winning short fiction is frequently featured in anthologies. Got Luck, his first novel, was published in March 2016 and the sequel, Got Hope, in 2017. Book three in the series, Got Lost, premieres in September. He continues to work on this series as well as other projects.
Michael graduated from Weber State University with a degree in English Literature and loves to blend the classic with the contemporary in his writing. His early work included several plays that were professionally produced along with a number of radio programs that aired in 80 markets around the world. Besides writing, Michael also loves to travel, dabble in languages, and cook elaborate meals.

1st Prize – $15 Amazon Gift Card + Any ONE of my previously published novels

2nd Prize – $15 Amazon Gift Card
3rd Prize – $10 Amazon Gift Card
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Marlo’s Dance Book Tour & Giveaway!!

Marlo’s Dance
The Merculians Book 4
by Caro Soles
Genre: Scifi, Crime Thriller
A Merculian Mystery
Merculian. A planet of sensuous fun-loving hermaphrodites. A planet where major crime consists of the 3 Ds–drugs, drunk, and disorderly.
Marlo Dasha Bogardini, a senior investigator with the Cap City regulators, is shocked when he is called backstage on the final day of a high-profile dance competition. The mangled body of a young dancer has been wedged beneath the set. As he investigates, the trail leads directly to Merculian’s greatest dancer!
Soon Marlo’s life and the investigation spin out of control and an unrelenting campaign to discredit him costs him his job. He forges ahead anyway, only to discover that the murder may be connected to a sinister criminal consortium. With two unlikely allies by his side, he uncovers a tangled web of violent crime. Marlo puts it all together but before he can reveal the devastating truth, he’s forced to fight for his life!
Great fun. Marlo’s Dance combines intricate, fascinating, complex world-building with a practical police procedural. I loved getting to know the charming, chubby Marlo Dasha Bogardini, Merculian detective, and his colourful, artistic, sensual world. Marlo’s Dance is the perfect read for both sci-fi fans and crime fiction aficionados. — Vicki Delany, national bestselling author of the Sherlock Holmes Bookshop and Year Round Christmas mysteries.
Marlo’s Dance is a riveting read – a well-plotted police procedural plunked down in the middle of a fully-imagined alien world. The story is propelled along by the delightfully plump, emotional, clever, dually-gendered Detective Marlo, with the added bonus of dancers, drugs, derring-do and skullduggery. I laughed out loud in spots, and fell in love with Marlo, one of the most unique characters I’ve run across in a long time. — Janet Kellough, best-selling author of The Bathwater Conspiracy and The Thaddeus Lewis Mysteries
When a dancer is found dead, Marlo Dasha Bogardini, a Merculian investigator with the Cap City regulators, is called in and the real games begin! Caro Soles has done it again with this clever murder mystery, filled with twists, turns, sexual overtones, and witty undertones. Whether you’re a sci-fi enthusiast, a crime-fiction aficionado, or just love a great story, Marlo’s Dance will not disappoint. — Desmond P. Ryan, Retired Metro Homicide officer and award-winning author of The Mike O’Shea Crime Fiction Series
As Marlo Dasha Borgardini would say, this book is fabulous. A strange planet that somehow feels close to home and a story that pulls first on your brain, and then on your heart. Well done!! — Mike Martin, award-winning author of the Sgt. Windflower Mystery
Book Trailer 1
Book Trailer 2
Other Books in the Series
The Danger Dance
The Merculians Book 1

The Abulon Dance

The Merculians Book 2

The Memory Dance

The Merculians Book 3
Caro Soles’ novels include mysteries, erotica, gay lit, the occasional bit of dark fantasy, and science fiction. She received the Derrick Murdoch Award from the Crime Writers of Canada, and has been short listed for the Lambda Literary Award, the Aurora Award, and the Stoker Award. Her latest mysteries include, A FRIEND OF MR. NIJINSKY, and PEOPLE LIKE US, which came out last year. THE DANGER DANCE is the first in an sf series featuring the pleasure-loving, dual-gendered natives of the planet Merculian. THE ABULON DANCE is book 2 in the series. Book 3, THE MEMORY DANCE, has just come out. Caro lives in Toronto, loves dachshunds, books, opera and ballet, not necessarily in that order. After 25 years of teaching writing at George Brown College, Caro is staying home to write.

$25 Amazon

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Skycliffe Audiobook Tour & Giveaway!!

by Z. Moss
Read by Noah Kershisnik
Genre: Middle Grade Science Fiction
Rex Bright enjoys drawing in notebooks and dreaming. He’s thirteen, and
his life is ordinary. Until he sees a face in a cloud which changes
everything. Rex glimpses the girl from an airplane window while
travelling to his aunt and uncle’s farm for the summer. Her
features are so perfect, Rex can’t believe she’s only vapor. But
Cloud Girl is real. A week later, Skyclyffe, a mysterious airship
cloaked in a cumulus, abducts Rex and his family. The captors expect
the Brights to live in their flying city forever. And, although he’s
kidnapped, Rex loves the craft filled with robots, scientific
discoveries, and silvery-white beings. Before long, Rex will be
forced to decide whether to escape, or if Skyclyffe and its secret
wonders are worth never stepping foot on Earth again.
**ebook is Only .99 cents!!**
Audio Clip Sample:
Z. Moss lives in Stillwater, Minnesota and is currently working on the
sequel to Skyclyffe. Two dogs, three cats, and two turtles run the
household, including the real-life Radar.
About the Narrator
Noah Kershisnik has been acting since before he could read. He spent his
youth performing Shakespeare plays in a traveling children’s theater,
and developed a passion for performance and storytelling. Fortunately
he did eventually learn to read, and now spends his time narrating
audiobooks as well as acting on camera and stage.
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Unique Book Tour & Giveaway!!

Ordinary Series Book 2
by Starr Z. Davies
Genre: YA Sci-Fi Dystopian
He lost everything. His dad, his best friend, and the woman he loves.
Ugene and the other test subjects escaped Paragon. They thought they were finally safe. But the battle for freedom is far from over.
When a rouge group calling themselves the Protectorate offers to help Ugene, he worries that his friends are falling into another dangerous trap. The struggle for freedom becomes a desperate fight for survival. Ugene is determined to stand up for what’s right and save the oppressed citizens of Elpis from persecution by Paragon and the Directorate.
The deeper Ugene digs, the more he uncovers about the Directorate’s sinister secrets, the Protectorate’s true goals . . . and the dangerous game he is about to play.
It’s time for the deception to end. It’s time for the truth to finally come to the surface. And it’s time for everyone to finally learn that being Powerless isn’t weakness.
Ordinary Series Book 1
Fans of Powerless, The Testing, Hunger Games and the Maze Runner will crave this world of iniquitous secrets, intrigue, and desire to find a place in society.
Divinic. Somatic. Psionic. Naturalist. Who will you be?
Having a superpower is ordinary. Your Power determines your job, social class, and future success.
But Ugene doesn’t have a Power. The only thing special about him is that he isn’t special at all. Ugene is Powerless.
So when the most prominent biomedical research company in the city offers Ugene a solution, he jumps at the possibility to be ordinary. All he has to do is agree to allow them to use him in their research. But the longer he stays at the research facility, the more he realizes something isn’t right.
Friendships are forged. Trust is broken built and broken. And everything Ugene thought he understood and believed is called into question.
Who can Ugene trust in his search for answers? What is he willing to sacrifice for Powers?
STARR Z. DAVIES is a Midwesterner at heart, and lives in Wisconsin with her husband and kids. From a young age, Starr has been obsessed with superheroes like Batman and Captain America, which inspired her novel, ORDINARY. If Starr had a superpower, she would be an Empath, because she is an emotional sponge and easily relates to how others feel.
While pursuing a degree in Creative Writing from the University of Wisconsin, Starr gained a reputation as the “Character Assassin” because she has a habit of utterly destroying her characters both emotionally and physically.
In her free time, Starr loves watching Doctor Who or anything with superheroes, reading books (duh!), writing about her favorite fantasy stories (Song of Ice and Fire, Mistborn, The Wheel of Time), and staring out the window as she dreams up more stories. Oh, and sometimes she steps out the door.
$20 Amazon
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Gods of Earth Series Book Tour & Giveaway!!

Influence of a God
Gods of Earth Series Book 1
by Nina R. Schluntz
Genre: LGBTQ SciFi Fantasy Romance
Jesse has a type-the heartbroken. He doesn’t hide this fact, he’s even tattooed a damaged heart on his chest. His partners love the people who left them, which means there’s no fear of them getting attached to him. He showers them with the affection they have been deprived of and in return, he gets no string attached hook-ups.
Except for Ben.
No matter what Jesse does, when he gets drunk, its always Ben’s porch he ends up on. Which is fine, because Ben is still deeply in love with his ex-wife, even though she’s already remarried.
It might have all stayed fine, if Ben hadn’t met Cooper, the twelve-year-old stepson of Ben’s ex. He knows things he shouldn’t. He has a weird quirk of disappearing for hours. He even predicts future events with uncanny luck. And Cooper has a plan for Jesse. He wants himself and Ben’s daughter to live with Jesse and Ben. Which is a problem, because Jesse doesn’t do relationships.
To Cooper that just means Jesse needs to learn things the hard way.
Prophet of a God
Gods of Earth Series Book 2
Isaiah has heard voices in his head his entire life, so it’s ironic when his brother declares that he has been chosen as a prophet for a god. Isaiah assists his brother in his search for the messiah and quickly discovers the god chose his brother in an effort to get closer to Isaiah.
The messiah isn’t shy at all in declaring that Isaiah is fated to be with him. But the voice in Isaiah’s head is skeptical and easily finds errors in the god’s claims.
Cooper is a god, one of many on Earth, but he is approved to pose as a messiah. He warps the path he’s supposed to follow in an effort to get closer to a man that is supposed to be his lover for only one night. Doing so has consequences, because Isaiah is not the man he expected. For one, he cuts himself in an effort to deal with the darkness of his past. And second, there’s the pesky sprite that loiters on Isaiah’s shoulder, whispering advice that Cooper would rather it didn’t.
Muse of a God
Gods of Earth Series Book 3
Lawrence, who prefers to go by Laurie, is one of those gifted performers that everyone envies because he always gets the lead role.
Carter is a god with a shaded past. He created a planet… and then helped parasite type symbiotes destroy it. His current time on Earth is to prove he is rehabilitated.
He isn’t.
But he is good at manipulation. He wants to stay close to the two scientists who will discover a means to save Earth once Carter brings the symbiotes to it. One of them is Laurie’s roommate in college. Which means Laurie is Carter’s best means to befriending the scientists.
A not so chance encounter and some mocking, gets Laurie to join the lacrosse team Carter is on. Seducing him is easy enough, but Laurie quickly proves refreshingly unpredictable and his quick tongue makes Carter reconsider his choices to stay loyal to his previous love who controls the symbiotes.
But can Carter’s growing affection toward Laurie be enough to convince him to save Earth rather than destroy it?
Enemy of a God
Gods of Earth Series Book 4
The world is ending and the gods are abandoning Earth. A strange woman arrives at the same time the parasite symbiotes do. She has no memory of who she is and the question remains, is she an ally to save earth or the enemy of the gods here to destroy them?
Jayson is the first to find her and he forms an immediate friendship with her. They are both outcasts with a dark past. He makes a deal with a god, Cooper, in an attempt to learn more about his alien friend. He doesn’t expect to fall in love with Cooper and worse, learn that his alien friend must die in order to save Earth.
Symbiote of a God
Gods of Earth Series Book 5
Stephen, Nick, and Lawrence have been best friends since college. Stephen and Nick are scientists, tasked with finding a cure to the symbiotes which have invaded Earth and use humans as hosts. Removing the symbiote kills the human, and a human doesn’t live long once infected.
Months after the initial invasion, Lawrence becomes infected and seeks the help of his friends. The rush to find a cure is now paramount, but something is strange about Lawrence’s infection. He is still in control of his body, and he can now understand the symbiotes. Nick and Stephen realize he may hold the cure to finally ridding the world of the symbiotes.
Resurrection of a God
Gods of Earth Series Book 6
Earth is the second planet Carter has created, and now the same symbiotes that destroyed his first planet, are here, destroying Earth. Afraid he will only aide in Earth’s destruction, since it’s his soulmate and lover behind the invasion, he goes into hiding.
Jayson knows Carter is the only god who can save Earth and he is done waiting for him to come back. He resurrects the god and saves the planet, but its something not just any human can do. Jayson realizes there’s more to his relationship with Carter than he thought. He’d assumed he was Cooper’s soulmate, he loves Cooper, but when he keeps running into Carter he realizes the truth. A god has a different soulmate on every planet, and on Earth, he is Carter’s soulmate.
But Carter doesn’t want him. His soulmate from his first planet was destructive and Carter fears what Jayson will become if he bonds with him. Jayson has to convince the god that he is different, and that your past does not determine your future.
Nina Schluntz is a native to rural Nebraska. In her youth, she often wrote short stories to entertain her friends. Those ideas evolved into the novels she creates today.
Her husband continues to ensure her stories maintain a touch of realism as she delves in the science fiction and fantasy realm. And their kitty, a rescued Abyssinian, is always willing to stay up late to provide inspiration.
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