Image‘Two Are Better’ is a thrilling tale of a cross-country bike trip sprinkled with life lessons and godly advice. I found the book to be informative, and engaging, while the pictures were clear, concise, and gave me a sense that I really was in on the bike ride myself. Tim and Debbie Bishop described the trip in great detail, so that I could actually picture what it was they were seeing and doing at that moment in time. Besides the adventure involved, the book also lent plenty of scriptural advice that tied into the journey uniquely, and efficiently promoted TheHopeLine- a service for wayward teens and young adults who need intervention and support in the most difficult times of their lives. I would highly recommend this book to everyone. The lessons you will learn, the advice you will get, and the thrill of the cross-country biking adventure all come together to form a well written, engaging, exciting book that will appeal to almost anyone.