Author Feature: Marilynn Dawson

Today’s featured author is Marilynn Dawson, who writes books in the religion/spirituality genre. Her books include “Becoming The Bride of Christ: A Personal Journey,” which is a six part series with a leader’s guide. You can find her books here on Amazon. You can also find a digital version of her series here on Scribd. You can follow Marilynn Dawson on Facebook or here on her Companion website, plus you can also find her work on Goodreads.

Author Interview

1. When did you first begin writing?
I began writing fictional short stories, puppet plays and poems as a young child.

2. What first inspired you to become an author? Who or what continues to inspire you?
My parents were always encouraging me to better myself as I wrote. When I got to grade three, my school teacher told my parents, in my hearing, that I had potential to become an author. I’m not really sure what first inspired me to write. The desire to be creative with words has always been there. In recent years, writing has left the realm of fiction and leaned toward Scriptural exegesis and end-time eschatology. The strongest inspiration to write is the ongoing need around me for spiritual questions to be answered in a sound, Biblically accurate manner. The advent of the Internet has resulted in a lot of strange stuff being posted by supposedly prominent leaders in the faith, and I’ve found myself digging through the Scriptures to make sure those asking the questions get what God says instead.

3. Do you ever get so caught up in your own stories that it often blurs with reality?
No, any time I’ve written fiction, the settings and characters have been so far removed from modern life that there is no room for blurring.

4. What is your favorite genre of book to read?
Christian action/adventure, Missionary biographies, etc.

5. Does anyone help your stories along when you get stuck? Or do you go it alone?
I typically went it alone.

6. Who was the very first person that read your very first book?
Published or unpublished? Most of my writing never got published until a few poems entered the American Poetry Anthology back in 1988/89. They published two sets of my poetry. I’d have to say my parents got their first copy of my published work back then.

7. Do you have any other hobbies besides writing?
Singing, walking, HTML

8. What is one word that you think describes you as a person?
Intense. Among other things. . .

9. Are you an organized or unorganized person? Both in writing and in life?
Generally organized, especially when writing! Although too much organization frustrates when I’m writing fiction. I have a virtual filing cabinet happening with my current book series efforts.

10. Is there anything else you would like readers to know?
Not right off the top of my head as far as who I am as an author goes. The focus of this book series is aimed at the fellow Christ-follower who wants to go deeper in their faith. It’s boot camp. But it is my story of healing and restoration as God invaded my home in a greater way than in times past.

Now that we’ve gotten to know the author, let’s get to know her works a little better! The following is an excerpt from Marilynn’s book series.


“It was then that an unmistakable sensation came over me, as if God were holding me in a 360 degree embrace and saying, “NOW I can love you!” Fresh tears began to flow as I sat there soaking in a love I had never anticipated could ever flow from God to me.

I honestly had never learned that God could touch my emotions. I had never expected that God’s love and talk of His Bride would be anything more than ethereal head knowledge found in the pages of Scripture. Needless to say I had to go diving through the Scriptures to make sure I hadn’t suddenly snapped and fallen off the deep end.

What followed led to the lessons, discoveries and revelations found in this series!”


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