Holding The Link, by Hope Wesh/Four Star Review!


Holding The Link is the sequel to Linked. As always turns true with sequels, I did prefer the original to this one, but I definitely wasn’t disappointed. The story came to a wonderful happily-ever-after ending, after a lot of turmoil, with plot twists and turns all along the way. The way that the book ending kind of left me hoping that there will be just one more book, based around Lana and Cole’s son. I’m intrigued over how he will grow up, being what he is and having the parents that he has. All in all, however, I was very pleased with this book. I really couldn’t put it down because from the very start of the book, I was pulled into the story. It picks up where the last book left off,and it sufficiently tied up all of the loose ends. The steamy scenes were a huge bonus, of course. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good romance, paranormal romance, or a happily-ever-after ending. It does have explicit scenes and some mild foul language, so I would not recommend this book to anyone under the age of eighteen.

*This review was done by Chelsea*

Blood Upon the Rose, by Tim Vicary – Four Stars

blood upon rose ♥♥♥♥

The Blood Upon the Rose is a historical love story-taking place during the 1900s highlighting the conflict between Ireland and England. Catherine is a strong woman outspoken medical student who falls in love with Sean a member of the Sinn Fein (a group of Irish rebels). The problem is that Catherine’s father is on the opposite side of the war, so you see forbidden love element to the story brewing. I’m really not into historical novels; in fact it took me a longer time to read the book but that is not to say the novel was not well written. The characters were realistic and well developed. They all had their strengths and flaws. I enjoyed how outspoken Catherine was in a time where it was frowned upon for women to speak up. I also liked how Sean’s character developed. The love story become a triangle when Catherine’s father introduces Major Andrew Butler, a man her father has hired to kill Michael Collins the leader of the Irish rebels.  This was the epic forbidden love story that you see throughout history – think Romeo and Juliet as one reader noted. You can’t help to root for all sides of the story, but you know that somebody is going to lose. Again, I thought the author did a great job in creating the environment. For me, I just wanted more romance and the ending was memorable. Would I recommend it? Yes, only if you like both history with romance.

**This review was done by Sandra**

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FIVE STAR REVIEW!!! Linked, by Hope Welsh



Linked was a fantastically written book, full of adventure and a hearty helping of hot, steamy romance. Truth be told, I don’t usually care for your run-of-the-mill romance, but this book was one heck of an exception. The love scenes were hot, without being corny or cliche, and they blended in exquisitely with the main story itself. Hope Welsh is a very talented and skilled writer, who portrays her characters in a very realistic, very vivid light, and who spins a story like a spider does a web- meaning, that she traps you into obsessive reading right from the start. I won’t give away too many details, but I will say that the ending was fantastic. It was unexpected, to say the least, and it gives me great hopes for the second book- which I am about to go devour much as I did this one. In fact, I devoured Linked in a matter of hours. I simply couldn’t put it down. I loved the way that the story mixed a strong element of fantasy into our modern day world. It makes you rethink things, because the story could so very easily be true. There are, after all, so many things that we don’t know about the world around us, and I love stories that make me wonder. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys romance or fantasy. I mean, I don’t usually like romance and I loved this one, although I’ll totally admit to being an avid fantasy reader. The graphic sex scenes (which were amazingly hot, by the way-or did I already say that?) makes this a book that is not suited towards anyone under the age of eighteen, however.

*This review was done by Chelsea*

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FIVE STAR REVIEW!!! Wombat Sushi, by Rhonda Louise


Wombat Sushi is a hilarious, comedic tale of six Australian dancers and one Australian singer who are thrown together in a tour to Japan. Rhonda Louise tells the tale in a very unique, extremely sarcastic (and perhaps a slightly mental) way, which I just adored. This book is not like anything else I have ever read. Seriously. I wasn’t really sure what to expect with a name like ‘Wombat Sushi,’ although now I think the title is absolute genius and portrays exactly what you will find in the book- nothing that you will expect. Sexual conquests (and likewise, the lack thereof for some of the characters), drunken nights out, petty squabbles, and a look at things from the point of view of a very dramatic, possibly slightly insane, woman. This is just a few of the things you will find in this book. What you probably wouldn’t expect from hearing this, is that the book actually takes a very real look at many very real life experiences. The seven very different girls grow and mature throughout the book, but succumb to their immaturity still, as we all really will. You know, you will just have to read the book to know what I’m talking about. There is some language and circumstances in the book that definitely make this inappropriate for anyone under eighteen. If you’re over eighteen, however, go get your own copy. Seriously. Everyone should read this book. It’s well-written, hilarious, and surprisingly realistic.

*This review was done by Chelsea*


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Allister Cromley’s Fairweather Belle (Bedtime Stories For Grownups To Tell), by Shane Portman- Three Stars


Allister Cromley’s Fairweather Belle (Bedtime Stories For Grownups To Tell) was a unique book to say the least. I thought the idea of bedtime stories for grownups was very interesting, although the stories found inside of the book were not exactly what I was expecting. I liked the bits of historical knowledge and personal insight you find woven into the stories, and the oddity of those stories was amusing. I almost felt as though I was tucked away inside of someone’s head, but that someone was rather insane. While the idea or moral behind most of the stories was easy to grasp, there were a few where I had no idea what I was supposed to come away from the story with, and as such, came away with absolutely nothing. In regards to the wording or writing, instead of the story, the book was remarkably well done. The author obviously possesses a wide ranging vocabulary, and if I don’t presume too much, a vast amount of knowledge on a variety of subjects. This appears to be clear through his very fluid writing, and the interesting facts he easily slipped into the story. All in all, it was a fairly good read, but some of the stories dragged despite being only a few pages long. For this reason, and the fact that some of the stories did not seem to have a definite reason behind them (which bedtime stories always do), I give this book three stars. Would I read it again? Probably not. Would I recommend it to anyone? Yes, I actually already have a few people in mind who would probably enjoy this book much more than I did.


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Bled My Blood, by K.K. Ojeda- Three Stars


The plot line of ‘Bled My Blood’- the actual story itself is fantastic, and the ending leaves me dying to read the next book. The thing though, is that the book has a very large amount of grammatical errors and typos. If it weren’t for those, I would give this book five stars, because the story itself deserves that. I found myself tripping over the errors, however, and had to put it down several times when I got frustrated. The question always ends with this: Am I going to read the sequel? Yes. Errors and all, I am dying to find out what ends up happening to all of the interesting characters. The author gave a lot of detail to her characters and made them very realistic. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants a good romance with a twist. On a side note, I do give the author a lot of credit on the cover artwork. The photograph used perfectly fits the book, and is very eye catching.

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Where, oh where, do I even begin? Okay, so the book is based below the Mason-Dixon, i.e. the south. It actually takes place in Mississippi, and the main character is a strong, Christian farmer who has quite an interesting story for a small town southern boy. That being said…



Well, Troubled Fields is quite a story. Actually, it’s more like a really big great story in which smaller, just as great stories, are intertwined. Each individual person jumps to life with vivid detailing that makes you grow attached to them- almost as though they were your friends. I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: that my dear friends, is the mark of a good book. What I really liked was that the book was subtly Christian based. It wasn’t in your face, but it put the word of God out there in such a way that even stubborn people would not be offended. The tale is so awe inspiring, deftly woven with a very realistic Christianity. It is the type of southern Baptist upbringing I had. Actually, the book reminded me very much of my own upbringing, and in the strangest way possible, I was so thankful that it did. Those days are past me, but I almost felt as though I could reach out and grab my own memories even as Ray reached out and grabbed hold of his. I know I’m rambling, but the book has me shocked. It was a stunning narrative- an inspirational story of true endurance and preservation in the face of ungodly turmoil. It is a book that everyone could learn something from, and become so wrapped up in the story that they didn’t even know they were learning anything. I laughed, I cried, I even talked to the book as I was reading!!! (Much to my husband’s confusion!!) Seeing as he is so talented, I certainly hope to see many future publications from Dennis Manor. I will be one of the first to read each of them!


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17300130‘It’s Weird To Grow A Beard’ is a very cute book filled with lovely, entertaining rhymes. The rhymes in the book remind me of the old Shel Silverstein ones that I grew up with. I loved those so much, and I think my daughter loved these as much as I did. She talked, laughed, and got really involved in what was being said. She also got a real kick out of the pictures. She particularly liked the cover image, and laughed at all of the ‘funny things’ growing instead of a beard. I personally enjoyed the illustrations throughout the book as well. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who likes silly rhymes that hold hidden meanings and life lessons. My daughter is 3 ½ and she loved it, so I would definitely recommend it for children of that age group.


I don’t usually do this, but since this was a children’s book and my daughter enjoyed it so much, here are some pictures of her perusing through it herself!

yupp 011 yupp 009


17378422‘In The Between’ is a very unique, interesting story about reincarnation. The main character travels through the ‘Bardo’ and revisits a number of her past reincarnations. Although I don’t exactly believe in such things, I found the tale to be fascinating. Imagine if karma and reincarnation were true, and you have your story. It was written in such a way that everything was easily understood, even by someone (such as myself) who didn’t have hardly any knowledge on the subject at hand. As a lover of history, however, I more than appreciated the historical accounts and facts thrown into the stories via the past lives. A very vivid picture is painted throughout the story, and I found it very easy to lose myself in what I was reading. I would highly recommend this book by May Sinclair to anyone who wants an in-depth read that will keep you thinking while you stay entertained.


Image‘Two Are Better’ is a thrilling tale of a cross-country bike trip sprinkled with life lessons and godly advice. I found the book to be informative, and engaging, while the pictures were clear, concise, and gave me a sense that I really was in on the bike ride myself. Tim and Debbie Bishop described the trip in great detail, so that I could actually picture what it was they were seeing and doing at that moment in time. Besides the adventure involved, the book also lent plenty of scriptural advice that tied into the journey uniquely, and efficiently promoted TheHopeLine- a service for wayward teens and young adults who need intervention and support in the most difficult times of their lives. I would highly recommend this book to everyone. The lessons you will learn, the advice you will get, and the thrill of the cross-country biking adventure all come together to form a well written, engaging, exciting book that will appeal to almost anyone.