Sorceress of Darshiva by David Eddings (The Malloreon, #4) – 4 Star Review!

51ouVOWaRSL._SL500_.jpgStory Rating: ****
Cover Rating: B

In this book, we go back to hating Zaketh a little bit more while also totally feeling bad for him. Zandramas continues to be a jerk, and harries our main adventuring party mercilessly. Our main adventure party continues to be true to their personalities, which is something I find Eddings to be a master at. I’m big on characters, and I hate it when characters suddenly lose themselves in the middle of the story (unless it’s purposeful, of course).

The adventure keeps moving on and the reader knows to get geared up for a big fighting scene at some point in the fifth book. This fourth volume has you anxiously anticipating it, as they still have no idea where that final place really is.

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How to Stay Motivated and Reach Your Goals, by Grant Andrews, PHD – 3 Star Review

download.jpgStory Rating: ***
Cover Rating: D

While this book presents useful information on obtaining your goals and how to efficiently execute them, I felt it was very repetitive. It was as though the author simply repeated the same information in different words for the three to four paragraphs following an executable step, and I found that to be tedious. I did enjoy that the author included real life struggle-to-success stories, and found that information inspiring.

The cover, however, is not eye-catching and the only indication of what to find inside the pages is the title. Even for a non-fiction book, I think that more trouble could have been placed into creating a moderately-descriptive cover.

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The Confession of Mr. Darcy, Vampire Book Tour & Giveaway!

The Confession of Mr. Darcy, Vampire
Books I and II
by Colette L. Saucier
Genre: Paranormal Regency Romance
FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER: The definitive vampire adaptation of Pride and
Prejudice and its sultry sequel in one volume!
Books 1 and 2 of the award-winning, international bestselling Confession of
Mr. Darcy, Vampire, re-released in this special edition only on eBook
for a limited time at an incredible price.


BOOK I: Pulse and Prejudice
Elle Magazine selection “A Most Inventive Adaptation” (April, 2016)
Austenprose “Readers’ Choice, Top 5 Books of the Year” (2012)
1st Place Winner in Category, 2013 Chatelaine Awards Romantic Fiction
Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy – elegant, dark, brooding…vampire. The Master of
Pemberley tells his haunting tale of unquenchable desire and
forbidden love.
“I cannot express enough how skeptical I was upon starting this book.
Pride & Prejudice with a touch of vampires was enough to send me
into fits of eye rolls. But, within only the first chapter, I found
myself strangely drawn to the story. The vampire Darcy weaves his
spell quickly.” – Austenprose


Book II: Dearest Bloodiest Elizabeth
In this lurid, lusty sequel to Pulse and Prejudice, death shadows the
newlywed Darcys from Pemberley to the parlors of Regency London to
the courtyards of Antebellum New Orleans. As Elizabeth discovers the
trials and travails of marriage to a vampire, can Darcy ever believe
that she loves him as he is? Or will his jealousy tear them apart?
This is the sequel to Pulse and Prejudice; however, as it is not an Austen
adaptation, the reader will find it darker, bloodier, and more
provocative than Book 1.
“After taking the plunge into this dark and haunting world, I am bloody
thrilled to say that I just loved this sequel! The story examines the
beauties and frailties of Darcy and Elizabeth’s love and devotion to
each other while folding it into a world filled with gothic danger.
It is action-packed and left me turning pages rather quickly, while
at the same time being filled with well-developed characters whose
inner turmoils make the reader empathize with each of their own
C.A. Pepe, Just Jane 1813


Colette L. Saucier is a bestselling and award-winning author in a variety of
genres under multiple pseudonyms. Her novel Pulse and Prejudice, Book
I: The Confession of Mr. Darcy, Vampire; the highly-acclaimed
paranormal adaptation of the Jane Austen classic, was the 2013
Chatelaine Awards 1st Place Winner in Category, Romantic Fiction.
Elle Magazine named Pulse and Prejudice a “Most Inventive
Adaptation” of Pride & Prejudice in their April 2016
edition. It was also selected the 2013 1st Place Winner in Category:
Chatelaine Awards Romantic Fiction.

An abridged version of The Proud and the Prejudiced: A Modern Twist on
Pride and Prejudice was selected a 2013 Amazon Breakthrough Novel
Semi-finalist and Austensque Reviews’ Favorite Modern Adaptation
under the title All My Tomorrows.

Colette’s latest release is the controversial erotic noir suspense, The Widow.
She will be releasing Dearest Bloodiest Elizabeth, Book II: The
Confession of Mr. Darcy, Vampire in eBook August, 2016, and print in

A writer, world-traveler, empty-nester, and a literature, history, wine
& cheese lover; Colette lives in Southeast Louisiana with her
historian husband and their dogs.
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Propositioning the Playboy Book Tour & Giveaway!

Propositioning the Playboy
The Blue Room Book 2
by JM Stewart
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Rule #1: Don’t fall in love. Rule #2…see rule #1…
Grace Williams doesn’t need a hero. She can take care of herself, thank you
very much. Surviving foster care and becoming a respected scientist
certainly taught her how. Now, she’s finally ready to do something
for herself and have a baby. All she’ll need is a genetically blessed
donor who won’t get any ideas in his head about sticking around after
the job’s done. And she has the perfect gorgeous, commitment-phobic
donor in mind.
Liam McNamara doesn’t want a relationship. Being abandoned by his mother
at a young age and his failed marriage cured him of any romantic
notions he might’ve had. But when his best friend’s sexy older sister
asks him for a favor, he can’t say no. And if he manages to give her
a few–or a few hundred–orgasms in the process? All the better. It’s
a winning proposition all the way around.
It’s not long before their best laid plans are blown out of the water by
the last thing either of them expected to get out of the
deal–genuine feelings. Maybe love isn’t such a losing proposition
after all…
Easily read as a standalone!
JM Stewart writes heartfelt contemporary romance. Whether the heat level
is sizzling or sweet, her stories are always deeply emotional. Her
heroes are strong but sensitive (no alpha jerks here!), and her
heroines are more Cinderella than Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
Recently transplanted, she now lives in a small town in Texas along with her
husband, two sons and two very spoiled dogs. When not writing, she
enjoys reading, cooking and playing computer games. As a sensitive
soul with a romantic heart, she believes in angels and hopes everyone
finds their happily ever after.
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Demon Lord of Karanda by David Eddings (The Malloreon, #3) – 5 Star Review!

downloadStory Rating: *****
Cover Rating: C

Can I just start out by saying that I’m in love with Zaketh, the bad guy in this series? He’s an incredibly diverse character. David Eddings is an incredibly talented writer to make me both hate the bad guy, and totally sympathize with him – plus, I feel that he’s the only “crush-worthy” character outside of Silk (but maybe I have an odd taste).

The Seeress of Kell is also a dynamic character who has multiple faucets to her personality, although they appear very slowly versus the immediate, obvious duplicity of Zaketh. Our beloved main characters are as lovable and true to themselves as ever, and the story is packed full of action. Once again, the urgency to reach their destination mounts in this third volume, and the reader is given the sense of time passing much too quickly for the characters.

The cover isn’t particularly eye-catching and it gives only a moderately good idea of what the readers might find inside the story. (Please note: the cover rated is the mass market paperback cover that I own. There are other formats with other covers available.)

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King of the Murgos by David Eddings (The Malloreon, #2) – 4 Star Review

51gEFLv7PrL._SX302_BO1,204,203,200_.jpgStory Rating: ****
Cover Rating: B

In the second volume of The Malloreon, we see a greater sense of urgency to fulfill the prophecy, which is relayed perfectly. Eddings has written the story so that steadily, it becomes evident all the characters slowly begin panicking they won’t make it on time as the series continues – and it offers small bits of information on that prophecy throughout the book.

The story is action-packed, although I found The Malloreon to be a little less amazing than The Belgariad in general (which is the series coming before this one). The characters, however, are still true to the personality we’ve come to love, although we’re slowly seeing dynamic shifts in that personality (which I love).

The cover is moderately eye-catching and gives an accurate depiction of what readers should expect from the story. (Note: The cover being reviewed is from the mass market paperback version I own. There are other covers and other formats available.)

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North Shore Stories Book Tour & Giveaway!

Johnny Be Good
North Shore Stories Book 3
by Bernadette Walsh
Genre: Women’s Fiction, Light Romance
Peggy Lynch has too many children and too much to do. Unlike the pampered
wives in her affluent Long Island suburb, Peggy’s not married to a
doctor or a lawyer. She’s married to an uneducated Irish immigrant
twelve years her junior, and has to work two jobs to help make ends
meet. In between the carpools, the laundry, and the food shopping,
she also has to make sure her youngest son takes his ADHD medicine so
he doesn’t flunk out of high school. Maybe if her lazy husband
would get off his ass and help around the house, she’d have time to
connect with her children and be the type of mother they deserve. But
Peggy lacks that luxury because if it wasn’t for her, the whole
family would fall to pieces.
Years have passed since Peggy ruled the house and Veronica is no longer her
mother’s obedient little girl. Moving into her childhood home with
her husband and infant twins, she’s starting a new life and should
finally be happy. Right? Wrong.
While cleaning out her old bedroom, Veronica finds a letter from her
deceased mother. If Veronica were smart she’d burn it and leave her
family secrets buried with the dead. But as her mother so often said,
Veronica’s never been that smart.
She rips open the envelope and proves her mother right…
The Girls on Rose Hill
North Shore Stories Book 2
Ellen Murphy spent her childhood in an idyllic house by the sea. A house
surrounded by flower filled gardens and a white picket fence. A house
she fled at eighteen. A house full of secrets.
When Ellen’s mother Rose, an ex-nun, is diagnosed with terminal cancer,
Ellen reluctantly returns home to care for her and uncovers a clue to
the one secret that has haunted Ellen all her life: the identity of
her father. But that is just one of the many secrets hidden behind
the beautiful facade of the house on Rose Hill.
“The Girls on Rose Hill is a beautifully written story about the
complicated relationship between three generations of women. It will
touch you, make you laugh, and make you cry. Bernadette Walsh’s
subtle use of language, traditions, and manners painted an authentic
portrait of an Irish Catholic family. I loved it.”
Cold Spring
North Shore Stories Book 1
Twenty years ago Maura Lenihan was the curvaceous red-haired teenager at the
center of a political sex scandal. Today, Maura is a thirty-five year
old hospice nurse who spends her days caring for the cancer-ridden
and comatose and her nights reading romance novels. Her life is
boring and safe and just the way she likes it.
However, Maura’s safe cocoon is now threatened both by the press’ renewed
interest in the twenty year old scandal and the attentions of her
most recent patient — a thirty year old Wall Street investment
banker whose black hair and blue eyes are oddly familiar.
I have always been a bookworm and had always meant to write a novel
“someday.” You know, when I won the lottery and could live in
beach house and feel inspired. Twelve years ago I decided to stop
waiting for my winning lottery ticket and sat down and started
writing. In between work and family obligations, I piled the words on
top of each other until they formed sentences, paragraphs, chapters
and eventually a book. While I’ve hopped around genres, all of my
books to date have a common theme: strong women handling what life
throws at them the best way they can.
My titles include: Gold Coast Wives, The Girls on Rose Hill, The Devlin Witch
(Books 1-4 of the Devlin Legacy Series), Cold Spring, Johnny Be Good, See Me and
Friends Forever.
Covers and other information about my books and my writing can be found on
my website
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Jack Bass, Black Cloud Chronicles Book Tour & Giveaway!

In the Line of Ire
Jack Bass Black Cloud Chronicles Book 1
by Edwin Dasso, M.D.
Genre: Medical Thriller

Jack finds himself the target of a blazing hatred

His commanding officer blames Jack for his own failings. Jack becomes a
scapegoat of his malicious jealousy and hatred, and he is intent on
making Jack pay – with his life!

>>>In the cross-hairs of an egotistical man without remorse

Fighting for their lives, Jack and his new love – Major Lori Darden, RN –
learn just how dangerous it can be to raise the ire of a psychopathic
boss. Jack must fight back to prevent his world from turning to ash
right before his very eyes.

>>>A mix of Lee Child’s Jack Reacher Series and TVs M.A.S.H.

Download your copy today and become immersed within the pages of this brutally
intense, thrilling adventure from international bestselling author
Edwin Dasso.

>>>“This is a fast-paced, action-packed roller coaster of a read. A
refreshingly different perspective…”

*Contains adult content and violence
Past Aghast
Jack Bass Black Cloud Chronicles Book 2

Is He The Killer They Say He Is?

Even Jack isn’t certain.

Jack is left emotionally traumatized from his deployment in Iraq with
severe PTSD and the Army forces him to retire. Jack’s PTSD
flashbacks sometimes leave him unaware of his actions while under the
influence of his unwelcome mental demon.

>>>Retirement isn’t Always What You Plan

As the new Chairman of Anesthesia at Southern Medical Center, Jack
thought he’d retired into the tame civilian job he’d dreamed of,
but a series of bizarre murders and deaths occur under his watch.
Can Jack put this puzzle together on time? Will he survive?

>>>Jack Bass, MD is Lee Child’s Jack Reacher and Marcus Welby rolled into one!

Sound confusing? Wait till you see inside Jack’s head!
A dark psychological suspense thriller that will captivate you and
leave you turning the pages well into the night!”
Death Management
Jack Bass Black Cloud Chronicles Book 3

Once more, Dr. Dasso has knocked this book into a home run…”

After narrowly escaping murder at the Southern Medical Center, Jack Bass,
MD, and his new love, Janice, move to a new city to start their life
together. Jack steers his career away from the hospital, taking a
promising position at a small healthcare company that provides
support and assistance to people with serious medical issues.
However, he soon discovers things at the company are not as they
should be – something sinister is occurring.

>>>A medical suspense thriller that will keep you breathless

Jack uncovers the deadly plan for profit lurking underneath the company’s
innocent facade. Once again, Jack must uncover a ruthless web of
plotters and connections in order to save the lives of innocent
victims, including Janice and himself! Will he be
able to neutralize the threat before it’s too late?

>>>An ultra-realistic medical murder mystery that will not cease to
surprise you!

Death Management is the third book in the bestselling Jack
Bass Black Cloud Chronicles
medical murder mystery series.
Prepare to be amazed by a surprising plot full of unexpected twists
and breathtaking turns.

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You’ll Be Safe

Jack Bass Black Cloud Chronicles Book 4

This is by FAR one of the best medical mystery books I have read.”

After the murder of his wife and unborn child, Jack Bass longs for death.
In fact, he welcomes it. That is, until Amanda, his lovechild with
Major Lori Darden, unexpectedly enters his life. Jack tries to shroud
his new life with his daughter in privacy, determined that the events
of his past should not threaten his daughter. But no matter how hard
he tries, Jack cannot avoid trouble. It relentlessly pursues him.

˃˃˃ Homeless Veterans Are Disappearing From The Streets

After being kidnapped and delivered to an isolated encampment, veterans are
given a medication that makes even the most out-of-control psychotic
captives turn into walking, order-taking, defenseless shells. They
are used as slave labor, exploited then killed whenever the mood
strikes their captors. Despite his best efforts to remain isolated
from the world, Jack is faced with a choice between protecting
himself and his daughter or helping to save these veterans who are
being victimized for profit.

˃˃˃ There Will Only Be One Man Left Standing after This Battle

Jack is again unwittingly thrust into a world of conspiracy and murder as
he follows yet another trail of bodies. This time, Jack may have bit
off more than he can chew. Will his new-found daughter become an
You’ll Be Safe is book four in Ed Dasso’s Jack Bass Black Cloud Chronicles series.

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Do I Know You?

Jack Bass Black Cloud Chronicles Book 5

“…book #5 in this addicting series. Well worth the wait!”

Jack Bass, MD: Lee Child’s Jack Reacher meets Marcus Welby

Sound confusing? Wait till you see inside Jack’s head!
Jack was shot while rescuing homeless veterans from from an isolated slave
camp. He was left clinically dead but was revived by a team of trauma
surgeons. When he awakens he has significant, but spotty, amnesia.
His friends and family take him abroad in an effort to help him
recover but, true to form, Jack unwittingly stumbles into the middle
of, and thwarts, a terrorist bombing plot. The terrorists are
hell-bent on revenge! Jack fights to survive and protect his family,
all while he struggles to even remember who he is.

A series for readers who love action thrillers with hard-hitting,
complex characters.

Goodreads * Amazon

Empty Promises

Jack Bass Black Cloud Chronicles Book 6

Big pharma is buying all the politicians in D.C.

They can then legally unleash their new, but deadly, super-narcotic on the
American public.

When Hank Green has a bad reaction to a drug during a study, Jack Bass, MD
gets involved. He soon discovers that many Veterans are being conned
into enrolling in the same drug study…and many are dying as a

Will Jack survive looking under the rocks of the political landscape as he
attempts to stop this scourge?

Move over Jack Reacher, and make room for Jack Bass, MD.

A fantastic thrilling adventure that kept me glued to the pages. Every
story tops the one before it.”

Goodreads * Amazon

Death Hub

Jack Bass Black Cloud Chronicles Book 7

From USA Today and Amazon International Bestselling Author Edwin Dasso
comes the Seventh book in the Jack Bass Black Cloud Chronicles.

Jack Bass, MD, discovers that new medical technology can work wonders…if
it doesn’t kill you first. Jack is working feverishly with two of his
favorite past students to figure out what is behind the chaos of
medical technology gone crazy.

Is it a bigger issue than anything they could have imagined?

Although, this book is part of a series, it is easily enjoyed as a stand alone

Praise for Death Hub:
“I love to read a good thriller and I was not disappointed with Death Hub.”
“… entertaining, exciting and scary at times.”
“Cyber Security is a Priority… definitely a scary idea.”

Goodreads * Amazon

Edwin Dasso, MD, a USA Today and Amazon International #1 Best-Selling
medical thriller author, writes works of fiction that leverage many
of his “stranger than fiction” experiences from years of
practice at major medical centers and community hospitals.

“You might be shocked at some of the events in the books that are based on
an actual experience.”

Member of the International Thriller Writers.
His “Jack Bass Black Cloud Chronicles” series has been
developed into a TV series, “Jack Bass, MD,”
( which is
actively being discussed around Hollywood. Network feedback has been
very positive.

Fiction writing is reviving a lost love from earlier periods in his life
where he enjoyed writing short stories. In addition to a number of
years as a practicing anesthesiologist and critical care specialist,
he has published articles in national healthcare journals, written
many “Ask the Doctor” columns and has spoken frequently at
national healthcare forums. He has also been instrumental in
designing and deploying population health programs to help people
deal with depression related to poor health.

Website * Facebook * Twitter * Instagram

Pinterest * Bookbub * Amazon * Goodreads

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Guardians of the West by David Eddings (The Malloreon, #1) – 4 Star Review!

51QTlHCmlnL._SX302_BO1,204,203,200_.jpgStory Rating: ****
Cover Rating: B

This book picks up a number of years after the end of The Belgariad series, and the only reason is receives four stars instead of five is because the start of this book was incredibly dull in comparison to what I’d come to expect from Eddings. After the first bit, however, Eddings definitely delivered.

The book includes an update on all of our favorite characters and introduces new ones. We also get a chance to see how altered our first primary cast was after such a long break in time. After a low start, the book is full of action, intrigue, romance, and heartache.

The cover is moderately eye-catching and gives the reader a good idea of what they should expect from the story. (Please note: The cover being reviewed is the mass market paperback edition I own. There are other covers on other editions.)

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Gold Dragon by Lindsay Buroker (Heritage of Power, #5) – 4 Star Review!

51xSiI826iLStory Rating: ****
Cover Rating: A

This final book in the Heritage of Power series wrapped up a lot of loose ends I was worried wouldn’t end up resolved! Beautifully done story by Buroker, as usual. There was plenty of action, fantastic fight scenes, and amazing descriptions so I felt almost as if I flew on the back of a dragon myself. The romance budded along perfectly, and I really loved how dynamic the characters were – how they changed and evolved over time, to culminate in nearly entirely different characters by the end (but as a good thing)!

The cover is eye-catching and gives readers an accurate description of what to expect when they read the book.

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