Deadly Legends Book Tour & Giveaway!!

Deadly Legends A Boxed Set feat. Silent Echoes and Silent Obsession by Melissa Bourbon Genre: Romantic Suspense National Bestselling author Melissa Bourbon brings dark twists to two Latin-American urban legends guaranteed to keep you up into the wee hours. With riveting suspense, sigh-worthy romances with heart-stopping heroes, beautiful writing, and […]

(Guest Post) What I’ve Learned on the Freeway of Success… or… How I Survived the Wild Switchbacks Without Tearing Out All My Hair, by Sherry Roseberry

I remember sitting one Christmas Eve day, pencil in hand, writing a blog. No kids, no blaring music, no Christmas reruns. The tranquil silence was broken only by the ticking of a clock. Outside, all was white. An occasional snow flake angles down to earth. Ah, such peaceful solace…. Why […]

Grace’s Ghosts Book Tour & Giveaway!!

Grace’s Ghosts by Stephenie Wilson Peterson Genre: Middle Grade Fantasy Twelve-year-old Grace and her feline best friend, Midnight, have a secret: Midnight is a ghost. But then again, so are the rest of Graces’ friends. Since she’s the only person in hundreds of years with the ability to see them, […]

Of Steel and Steam Book Tour and Giveaway!!!

Of Steel and Steam: A Limited Edition Steampunk Anthology Love inventions, gadgets, and all things Victorian? This limited time anthology is just for you! With more than 900 pages of captivating fiction, you’ll be powered by steam, clockwork, hydraulics and gyroscopic action. With no more fear of harming the environment, […]

Storiebook Charm Book Tour & Giveaway!!

Storiebook Charm A Spellbound Novel 1 by Melissa Bourbon Genre: Light Paranormal Romance From National Bestselling author Melissa Bourbon comes a small town magical story with a heart-stopping hero, a sigh-worthy romance, beautiful writing, and characters that jump off the page. Get ready to be charmed by Storie and Reid, […]