General Fiction Reviews

Allister Cromley’s Fairweather Belle (Bedtime Stories For Grownups To Tell), by Shane Portman
Bled My Blood, by K.K. Ojeda
Defiant Heart, by Marty Steere
Home, by Rachel Smith
Just Like Heaven, by Clarissa Carlyle
Ouray’s Peak, by Leigh Podgorski
Prairie Star, by Kay Blassingame
Running Barefoot, by Amy Harmon
Shiri, by D.S. Taylor
Southern Attraction, by Tracy Kauffman
Spiral Aloe, by L.A. Forbes
The Blood Upon The Rose, by Tim Vicary
The Guardian, by Karah Quinney
The Journey, by John A. Heldt
The Last Sundancer, by Karah Quinney
The Mine, by John A. Heldt
The Palms, by S. Celi
Troubled Fields, by Dennis Manor
Vanguard of Hope, by Kathy Steinemann
When It Rains: The Umbrella Collection, by Prudence Hayes
Wombat Sushi, by Rhonda Louise


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