A Severing of Ties (The Benson Family Chronicles, Volume One)

A_Severing_of_Ties_Cover_for_Kindle‘A Severing of Ties’ is the first book in The Benson Family Chronicles.This first installment takes you through the lives of two sisters, Willow and Emilee Benson, who are plagued with an abusive alcoholic father and a drug addicted mother. Although they must live under fearful circumstances, in one of the worst neighborhoods around, they spend their whole lives wishing that they could better themselves. They strive so hard as young children, but when push comes to shove, only one sister will claw her way to that perfect top. The other sister is drawn into a never ending spiral of drugs, alcohol, and sex. Slowly you watch as the sister’s intertwined story separates into two individual stories. Where will these two poor young girls end up? Will they ever achieve the happy ending they’ve so desperately striven towards? Only time will be able to tell.


After putting their sister to bed, Emilee and Willow sat talking on the floor in-between the two bunk beds, whispering, so as to not wake up Avery. They were waiting until their brother came home, and they could once again feel safe.

“Emilee, when we get older, we’re gonna get out of here, aren’t we?” Willow whispered to her sister.

“Yeah, we are. We’re gonna live in a big house, and everything. We might even have maids, and butlers, and live in a palace!” Emilee shared her dreams aloud with her sister, and the two giggled.

Willow, done giggling, added her own thoughts to that dream, “Yeah, and we’re gonna have amazing husbands, and they’ll never hit us like daddy does mommy, right?”

Emilee just nodded her head emphatically up and down in response.

“Do you promise?” Willow asked her sister.

Emilee promised.

“Do you swear?

”I swear.”

“And we’ll always have each other, right?”

“Of course we will.” Emilee assured her older sister.

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Review 1: Written by Avowen 21 on February 6, 2012 Posted on Amazon

A Severing of Ties is a very well told; but perhaps slightly bitter sweet; story. This first emotionally charged installment of this great new series follows the first generation of the Benson family, and is about the painfully realistic circumstances that occur through out the lives of a group of children who are raised under circumstances which literally breed drug, alcohol, and physical abuse.

In spite of growing up under such terrible circumstances, there is also a lot of hope for the characters in this story. The three Benson sisters; Willow, Emilee, and Avery; each experience their own dramatically life-altering circumstances; but still think of one another; as well as their brother Scott who was more of a father to the girls than their actual father; on a constant basis. Their lives intertwine at the most touching moments possible, and then go separate ways once more to increase the depth of the story. Their individual and unique perspectives on the events that are affecting them all make this story hit home even harder.

The two youngest children who are born to a dying mother and an alcoholic father with no interest in his prodigy are not yet old enough for the reader to even begin to imagine where their paths in life will take them. Along with Willow and her sister-in-law Justine’s boys they are sure to encounter very realistic experiences just as moving and realistic as those that their parents encounter. Can’t wait to read the next book to see where the dramatic contrast of fate and personal drive take the Benson family’s next generation!

Review 2: Written by Harper Lavelle on January 31st, 2013 Posted on Amazon

A Severing Of Ties tells the story of two sisters named Willow and Emilee who are fighting for their lives against all odds under the torturous guidance of their alcoholic father and their drug addict of a mother. Together, they try to live and reach their dreams of living a happy life but things soon turn from bad to worse as they discover they need to find themselves amidst the dangers of living in a precarious neighborhood.

Throughout the entire story, we are shown how cruel life can be even with children. Sometimes life throws us curveballs right at the beginning where we are still young children. But, as the story tries to portray, the tough one will endure and the others will falter. Chelsea Falin once again creates a realistic world where she creates characters that everyone can relate to. This is the world where we live in today. It is very easy to connect with her characters as they are happening somewhere in our world today.

This thought provoking story leads us into the lives of the characters and how they have changed over the years. One will find the story a very engaging one since it depicts real life situations. The situations where the characters fall under become an eye opener to the audience. It becomes the doorway to understanding how these kinds of people live day by day with the burden of having to claw their way just to live and breathe another day.

A truly inspiring story, A Severing Of Ties delivers what every person wants in a short story of courage and self-realization. For those who need an inspiration as well as melodramatic tale based on real life situations then this story is for you. Children might find the subject very graphic and adult. It is best that you help them understand the entire concept.

Review 3: Written by EllieReads on January 4th, 2013 Posted on Amazon

A realistic look at a family fighting to escape the poverty cycle, A Severing of Ties follows the Benson children as they grow up in some of the worst circumstances imaginable. At the beginning, the story focuses on all of the children as they dream of and work toward a better future. As the children grow, the story begins to focus on Willow and Emilee, the oldest girls, and how each decision they make affects their family and their future.

An interesting, sometimes graphic story, A Severing of Ties illustrates the desperate situations that many children find themselves in. Some will rise above their beginnings, others will not. Willow and Emilee’s stories are tangled around and through each other, while the rest of the family become supporting characters while the sisters learn not only what they’ll do for love, but that love can lead you wrong.

A Severing of Ties is an inspiring, thought-provoking story. It’s not an easy read- it’s full of raw emotion and horrific situations- but is definitely worth the emotional roller-coaster. Highly recommend it!

Review 4: Written by Harshana on January 3rd, 2013 Posted on Amazon

Benson family, the children to be precise will touch your hearts from the very beginning of the story. The author has skillfully narrated the incidents, the filthy surroundings in a detailed manner that you would get absorbed to their characters. I went through the first chapters with tears in my eyes as I could feel the endless pain they were bearing and their vulnerability of these innocent souls.

Although it’s a work of fiction, the characters and most of the incidents might obviously the reality among people all over the world. Life is no fairy tale to the Benson family as the miseries that have taken place in their life has out-numbered the happy moments dawned in their whole lifetime. Still, they got strong with each and every obstacle they had to face and cherished every happiness which rarely was bestowed to them. The story is not a bunch of depressing incidents but an eventful journey of the Bensons with courage, love and unity. I would suggest everyone to read it, especially the young readers as this would make you believe that determination and hard work can lead you to success irrespective of whatever the sorrows destiny would throw at you. May this be a story for the teenage crowd who has been gifted with loving parents and comforts realize the bitter truth in the society, that there are thousands of less fortunate people out there, so they would learn to appreciate even the little things offered to them in life. Happy reading to you all!

Review 5: Written by Holly Hammond on October 12th, 2010 Posted On Facebook

Chelsea, I know I should have commented earlier but your book was really good. Such a sad story. But sadder to know this is actually some peoples reality.

Review 6: Posted by Juggalette4lyfe_92 on January 4th, 2013 Posted on Barnes & Noble

A Severing of Ties is an incredibly entertaining and inspiring story. It sucks you in from the very beginning, with vivid attention to detail on even the smallest matters. The characters seem incredibly lifelike, and you can’t help but feel bad for the ill-fated Benson family. The contrast between the stories Willow and Emilee tell is striking. Willow’s story is inspiring in that she eventually pulls herself out of the situation she had been placed in, although she makes a few mistakes…I won’t name the specific mistakes, as I’m pretty sure those would be spoilers, however, I can say that they are fairly common mistakes for young women today. Emilee’s story is inspiring in an entirely different way. It shows you the harmful effects of giving into temptation and selfishness. All in all, I highly recommend this book for anyone who enjoys a very well thought out contemporary fiction novel, and also to anyone who enjoys books revolving around a family, or life in the south- both urban and rural.

Review 7: Written by Amber Smith on August 30th, 2012 Posted on Amazon

Chelsea is a fantastic writer and anyone would love her book. You will get sucked in instantly and never want to put it down. Do yourself a favor and read it! This book is the beginning of many for her and it will make you want to read more books by this author.


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