Less Than Humble Beginnings (Growing Roots Series, Volume 1)


Willie and Babette have had their world turned upside down. While Babette adjusts easily to the change in circumstances, it takes Willie a great deal more time. How would you feel if you were suddenly thrust into a world that your own mother had kept you shunned from? Follow along on the first stage of young Willie’s journey, as she forces herself to adjust to this strange new world. A startling epiphany shows Willie that she isn’t the only one who suffers from ‘Less Than Humble Beginnings.’

“Try to remember that everyone here has their demons, but we all put those demons to good use.”
-Jack (Willie’s oldest cousin)


After supper, it was my turn to do the dishes. Babette and Dakota cleared the table and Jack kindly offered to dry while I washed. I was elbow deep in hot soapy water when the reason behind Jack’s offer became clear.

“Hey, Willie, is there anything going on between you and Spike?” He asked in an off handed manner, avoiding looking at me entirely. Obviously, he was uncomfortable talking about this.

I shook my head, continuing on my chore while I answered. “No. Why?”

“I was just wondering. Do you like him or something?”

“No. Why? Do you think he likes me?” I didn’t realize the way the question sounded before it came out of my mouth, but I held my tongue from any further comment.

Jack chuckled. “Eh, I don’t know. Maybe. Maybe not. It’s hard to tell with him. He’s a good guy, though. Strange, but good. You sure you don’t like him?”

I shook my head. “No, he’s not really my type. Not that I’ve really developed a type just yet, but you know what I mean.” I paused talking and washing for a moment, the sponge still in my hand. Then I added, “He is really nice though. It’s kind of strange, because he looks…” I stopped, unsure of how to say what I wanted to say.

“Like a badass? Punk? Thug? Gang banger?” Jack offered.

“I guess, yeah.” I laughed. Jack grinned at me. “His personality and his style kind of clash, but I think that’s what makes him… unique.”

“Yeah. He’s a softy at heart, but not many people know that about him. I don’t think that he really wants anyone to. Spike doesn’t really like to get close to anyone. He’s had a tough life, and a lot of people around here don’t associate with him because of his family.”

I nodded, believing that I understood. “He told me about his mother.”

Jack sighed. “Yeah, that’s the least of his life problems.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well…look, just don’t tell him I told you any of this. Alright?” I nodded my head, agreeing that I’d keep my mouth shut. “Spike’s father is an alcoholic. An abusive one. He’ll disappear for weeks at a time, but when he comes home, he likes to take everything out on Spike. His father blames him for his mother’s death, and for everything right down to his being born.”

“That’s awful!” I exclaimed.

“Shh! Keep your voice down.” Jack reprimanded.


“Anyway… Spike is the last one left. His oldest brother joined the army and got killed in Iraq. That’s another thing his father blames him for. Spike’s dad liked his older brother best for some reason. Anyway… His sister skipped town years ago with some guy she got knocked up by. Then there’s his younger brother… he ran away right after their mom died and no one has heard from him since. Spike’s stuck around because he’s determined to make something more of himself. Prove everyone wrong. He’ll be the first to graduate this year… first in his whole family, so far as I know.”

I frowned, trying to process all that I had just heard. “That’s such a sad story.”

“Yeah,” Jack agreed, “But Spike would never show how much it affects him. He wants his problems to make him a better person, not drag him down. Everyone around here just assumes that he’s like the rest of his family.” Jack paused, drying off one of the last dishes while I leaned against the sink counter. My own half of the chore was finished. “All of the guys have stories like that, though. That’s why we’ve always stuck so close.”

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Review 1: Written by Pam Goshen on July 9th, 2013 Posted on Amazon

A coming of Age novella about a girl who loses her only parent, her mother in a car wreck because of drunk driving. She finally meets her relatives on her mother’s side which are Native Americans. Willie is a strong willed girl who doesn’t like the move but quickly adjust to her new surroundings and the family she never knew. Surrounded by boy cousins that treat her like one of them, she finds it hard to make girl friends at school. In this book, Willie travels to the Indian reservation and realizes it is not what she expected. Join Willie in her journey of discovery and coming of age. This author has captured the realism of teenagers today.

Review 2: Written by MLove on January 24th, 2013 Posted on Amazon

I’m one of those people who try to deduce a story based on the, title book cover, prologue and/or first chapter. For “Less Than Humble Beginnings”, I felt I was going to be reading a historical (deduced from the book cover of the copy I have), heavy drama (deduced from the title and first chapter). I was wrong. “Less Than Humble Beginnings” is a light, heart-warming, coming-of-age story of a15-year-old girl named Willie. She, along with her sister Babette, was raised by an alcoholic mom with a history of romantic relationships with disreputable men. A situation that made people her age to perceive her as “trash” and unsuitable as a friend. Thus, Willie grew up without any friends. Upon her mom’s passing, she and her sister had to leave Florida and live with her aunt. There she found a new family, new friends, and quite possibly, found her first romance.

Chelsea Falin is a great story-teller. With her clear descriptions of the characters, settings and dialogue, it was not difficult for me to imagine the characters and to picture every scene. With her excellent weaving of words, the world of Willie came alive as if I’m watching a movie. I find that the story and the characters are quite believable. Not a single detail is out of place. Just like Willie, I grew up with friends that are mostly boys. I am able to relate to how she never really believed anyone could find her beautiful or interesting. Her being unaware of her attraction to Spike is also believable. One other thing I did not expect from this book is the hint of romance. But, then again, I have to wait for the next book to know if Spike and Willie will end up together. I can’t wait to read the second installment of the “Growing Roots Series”.

Review 3: Written by Dolores Ayotte on July 10th, 2013 Posted on Amazon

Right from the onset, “Less Than Humble Beginnings (Growing Roots)” grabbed my immediate attention. On completion of this well-written novella, I was convinced it was a true story until I read another reviewer call it a work of fiction. That being said, I have had enough exposure to the history of the American Native people to say that this story rings true which makes it all the more enjoyable.

First of all, it is an eye-opener for teenagers and older adults alike. Fifteen year old Willie, as she prefers to be called, has taken care and been responsible for her younger sister Babette who is nine, for some time now. Her mother has no idea who their father is and has broken away from her family for reasons unknown to these two daughters of hers. One unfortunate night, the door bell rings and Willie is greeted by a police officer who tells of the untimely death of Willie’s and Babette’s mother. She died in a head on car collision while drinking and driving. This sad event turns their lives up side down as they are too young to be on their own. According to their mother’s wishes, they will now be living with Aunt Janie, and her family. Two uncles show up to pack up their meager belongings and they commence to travel all the way from Florida to Oklahoma to start their new lives.

Aunt Janie, with relatively new husband Uncle Johnny, wholeheartedly embrace these two young girls into their combined family of five children. Re-united with their mother’s family and the opportunity to make new friends creates more of a challenge for Willie than younger sister Babette. Talented Author, Chelsea Falin, does a great job of sharing both her heart wrenching and heartwarming story with her reading audience. Her older male cousins quickly treat her as part of the family and introduce her to some pretty neat friends. Spike seems to capture her attention more than the others. Her new found friendship with Deanna also brings some well-deserved happier times into Willie’s life. I can’t wait to read the next volume in this series. The use of the following quote in the Foreword of this novella pretty well sums up the this author’s heartfelt desire to share Willie’s journey. Great job! As a fellow author…I couldn’t agree more.

“A very great vision is needed and the man who has it must follow it as the eagle seeks the deepest blue of the sky.” ~ Crazy Horse

Review 4: Written by Audrey on July 9th, 2013 Posted on Amazon

I was blown away by this beautiful, breath- taking story of courage and faith. I found myself cheering for the people in this book that became very real to me. I have to say the cover at first didn’t blow me away but as they say Never judge a book by it’s cover! This is a five star read, it was well written, deep and insightful. I was very impressed by this new rising author. I hope everyone will give this book a chance It is very worth every penny I spent on it!!!!!!!

Review 5: Written by Phillyky on July 9th, 2013 Posted on Amazon

Well to Mrs. Hammond “TADAAA” I love it!! I enjoyed reading of Willie and her coming of age life story. This novella was witty, funny and sad thru it all. Willie a young girl and her sister has had a hard life living with an alcoholic mother in Florida. After, her mother’s death she and her sister are sent to live with her Aunt, Uncle, and kids. As they adjust to a life of new begininngs, Willie starts her journey as discovering herself as a female, but also a journey in love! Click to buy, you will enjoy it, I did~

Review 6: Written by Annamaria Bazzi on April 5th, 2013 Posted on Amazon

I found the beginning to be too much narrative for my liking, but the story was so intriguing that it pushed me on in the hopes it would change. It did.

Willie, the main character of the story, came alive with an intelligent personality and a few quirks that made her seem like the teenager living next door.

The world changed when Willie’s mother died and, with her sister, they went to live with their aunt in a household that already had five children, three teenage boys and two little girls.

The story concentrates on the relationships that formed between Willie, her male cousins and their male friends. She fit in perfectly and was considered one of the guys.

Willie is baptized into the group with a few beers, causing commotion as they find out secrets about this girl they just can’t fathom. Willie had never had a drink.

The story unfolds revealing growing friendships in a household filled with support. The mega problems teens face on a daily basis are conquered, at times with great heartaches. The characters in the story come across as real people with real, every day struggles.

A must read for any mother and all teens who want to experience what real friendship means.

Review 7: Written by EllieReads on February 6th, 2013 Posted on Amazon

Chelsea Falin’s Less Than Humble Beginnings follows a young Native American, Willie, as she loses everything she knows, leaving Florida beaches and her mother’s transient lifestyle behind for small-town Oklahoma and her aunt’s close-knit family. Angry, scared, and mourning, Willie feels as if she belongs nowhere and doesn’t know how to trust her new family or her own feelings. As she settles in, Willie finally learns how to be comfortable in her own skin and how the choices we make help us find our place.

I really enjoyed this book. The characters are well-written and approachable. Being a teenager is never easy, and Willie’s internal struggles were easy to relate to. Each choice she makes has consequences- some good, some bad- but she doesn’t agonize over her choices; Willie’s practical streak runs wide and deep. The supporting characters were well-developed, each one has their own subplot that unfolds without detracting from Willie’s story; there are no bit parts in this book.

This is a well-written, character driven book. I enjoyed it so much that I pouted when I realized that the next one isn’t out yet. I want to know what happens next!

Review 8: Written by Harper Lavelle on January 30th, 2013 Posted on Amazon

Less Than Humble Beginnings tells the story of Willie who grew up with her sister Babette under her alcoholic mother. She and her sister soon became orphans and was thrusted into a life where she is forced to keep to herself. The story soon unfolds when her mother passed away and she is forced to live with her aunt in Oklahoma. There she unravels more from herself when she is given a second chance in life. She begins to discover how wonderful it is to have friends, family, and someone whom she can have romantic feelings with as a teenager.

Less Then Humble Beginnings tugs the heart of every person who has read this short story. Written by Chelsea Falin, the story revolves around a young girl who is forced to live life at the tender years. The protagonist of the story is the epitome of strength and resilience during the tough times where a normal teenage girl would most likely still trying to fit in. For Willie, her current situation is nothing short of difficult and yet she persevered to become a better person for herself and for her sister. The story encourages young people to be at their best. It entices the young ones to be responsible and resilient during the hard times.

The characters are believable and realistic. The author, Chelsea Falin, has proven once again that she can create a real life character and make it work without sounding too melodramatic. The story itself is a characterization of what everyone has gone through in life as a teenager alongside a few twists and turns that are special to Willie. Overall, the story itself is a very good read. People will find it inspiring and make them rethink of their actions. This is a good story for teenagers to read.

Review 9: Written by Jan on January 24th, 2013 Posted on Amazon

I wasn’t sure what to expect based on the title of the book. I took a chance and was glad that I did. Less Than Humble Beginnings is a wonderful story, with fascinating characters. The story is so easy to relate to. As with most teenagers the characters have their own set of challenges.

Willie is so used to being the care giver. She doesn’t even realize the things that she has missed out on that normal teenagers enjoy, like clothes, makeup and boys. I think her character was my favorite to watch the transformation in. She was responsible and “adult” when her mother was killed. She didn’t complain or whine about what had happened and how she was cheated. She accepted it as it was and moved on, doing what needed to be done. However, by the end of the book she had discovered that it was okay to think about her own needs and to look for a future.

She inherits the money from her mother’s insurance and doesn’t just blow it. Instead she handles it responsibly. She uses it to pay for an addition to their home, which they badly need. She buys herself some new clothes, which she admits she has never done before. But she doesn’t just buy for herself and spend huge amounts of money, she is still frugal and insists on buying her aunt and friend a pair of shoes too, because they are “buy one get one half off” and that was a good deal!

I loved this story and am reading it now with my teenage daughter because there is so much a teenager can learn from it.

Review 10: Written by Lisa Mom of Three on January 24th, 2013 Posted on Amazon

Less than Humble Beginnings is a new teen drama that touches on issues a lot teenagers have dealt with. This book reminded me of situations that happened in our generations youth, and still the troubled youth of today through the ages of the recession we are in. The main character Willie (Willimena, who doesnt like her full name) is forced to deal with some harsh realities at a early age. The sad thing is most of us are forced to deal with some things in our childhood that make us grow up faster. This story also addresses the loss of a parent, and how a girl carefully experiments with drinking and socializing after becoming socially scarred. I appreciated that the writer mentions the barrenness that envelops the reservations in America because that is a very sad issue that has been left unaddressed until recently when the Idle No More protests began. I hope that you continue to shine some light on this. If you moved around alot as a child and you can relate to how it feels to start over or be the new girl continuously. I’m excited to see where this coming of age story will lead to in the next of the series! I’m going to let my teen girl read it so she can see that things aren’t so bad here after all. πŸ™‚

Review 11: Written by Avowen21 on January 23rd, 2013 Posted on Amazon

Less Than Humble Beginnings is a wonderful and emotionally touching start to a new book series. The story follows the lives of two sisters; Willamina and Babette; that are orphaned by their alcoholic mother and sent to live with their estranged relatives as children. The story is told through the eyes of the young woman “Willie” (as Willamina prefers to be called); and her perspective on the events that take place in the novel truly make the entire story.

After the two girls’ mother passes away in a drunken driving accident, they are sent to live with their proud Native American aunt and uncle in Oklahoma; who already have five other children; three boys and two girls. Having grown up as what Willie herself describes as `Florida trash’; she is shocked by the small, rural community where she finds herself at 15 years old.

She settles in much more quickly than she expected to however; with the aid of her 3 oldest cousins. Shortly after her arrival on the farm, Willie has her first beer and her first kiss. She meets and falls for a local boy named Spike, whom she meets through her cousins. Not knowing if they are going to get together or not will definitely drive me to read the next book in this great series!

Review 12: Written by Harshana on January 6th, 2013 Posted on Amazon

“Less Than Humble Beginnings” is a tale about a young girl coming of age who happens to face many challenges in her life which are not so common compared with her peers. Simple and lucid writing with a charm to tickle your senses and make you wonder “what’s next” with every line your eyes will swim through. It’s a light read with a smooth flow which will keep you engrossed. As in her previous novels, the author has succeeded in making this book too, a real page turn over by her skillful and lively narration and I didn’t even realized reaching the very last page of it.

The story is populated with practical characters that are strange and unique in their own ways and also very friendly and caring the same time that you will fall in love with them and find it hard to part with. Just after finishing the story I started missing Willie and her gang of cousins and friends. It’s a book which you will never feel like putting down until the very end. I really look forward in reading the next books to come out in this series. The story not only makes you live in the sweet day today adventures of the teenagers but also discusses the grueling mishaps a child has to face due to drug addict, alcoholic and abusive parents. So, it carries a message for you all to think upon as well.

All in all I can call it’s a story which is “short and sweet”. If you are a young adult, or anybody who loves to read about loving family bonds and friendship this is definitely a book you don’t want to miss!

Review 13: Written by Jem on July 10th, 2013 Posted on Amazon

After reading the blurb for this book I realised it doesn’t really give you any clue as to what to expect in the story, thankfully this didn’t actually put me off as I soon found myself really enjoying the story. It centres around Willie as she goes through a major period of transition. Throughout this she also has to learn to embrace many things that were previously foreign to her as she learns more about her cultural background (Native American). Being a teen is hard enough, but to do it whilst dealing with all Willie goes through both past and present shows her amazing strength of character and I found myself really liking her. All the characters in the book work really well. You find out a bit more about many of their stories and struggles. None of them have had an easy life however they all show some great character traits. I found myself being glad that whatever happened they did not have to go through it alone and had each other to lean on. The story began quite slowly with a lot of narrative detail, that although building the foundations for the remainder of the story did make it a bit slow to start, the ending was also really abrupt and for those reasons I gave it four stars but was also glad I didn’t have to wait for the next one to be written to find out where the story went next. Overall it was an enjoyable start to a series with a sweet story even in spite of some of the more serious issues covered. I definitely enjoyed it and hope others do the same.

Review 14: Written by Loki Gabriel Campbell on February 4th, 2013 Posted on Amazon

“Less Than Humble Beginnings,” is a new breed of novella that I like to think of as an Open Diary. With the advent of online self-publishing, amateur writers no longer have to face staggering upfront costs to publish their work, allowing many of them to circumvent the major publishing houses. Before Ebook publishing became popular, a novella like “Less Than Humble Beginnings,” would not have made it past a publisher’s slush pile and rightfully so. This novella lacks the polish of a professionally written work. This is most obvious when the novella breaks point-of-view by jumping to a secondary character, Spike, and even spending a few paragraphs in limited-third somewhere in the middle though the rest of the narrative is written in first person. There are numerous spelling and grammatical errors, and the language sometimes lacks clarity. Writing is a craft as much as an art, and this is not an example of a master-work. But it is very compelling and honest.

Memoirs such as “Less Than Humble Beginnings,” are a historical treasure. They are a record of the lives of the countless number of people who have taken the time to write down their own stories. Once it was feared that email and the internet would destroy the letters and the diaries that historians relied on to understand a time. I believe works like, “Less Than Humble Beginnings” are the new resource.

If you’re looking for a professionally polished memoir, you won’t find it in “Less Than Humble Beginnings.” But if you are looking for an honest and intriguing story of one woman’s life, a woman who is a member of one of the most ignored and denigrated populations in all of human and American history, the natives of the North American continent, then this is a really good read. It’s short and sweet, and I look forward to the next book.

Review 15: Written by Rose “Rose” on February 4th, 2013 Posted on Amazon

Less Than Humble Beginnings is an incredibly sweet story about a fifteen year old’s struggle with loss and regaining hope. Willie lived a hard life: dealing with an alcoholic mother and her revolving door of men. When her mother tragically dies she leaves her home in Florida behind for a life with her estranged Aunt in Oklahoma. With a heavy heart and scared younger sister in tow, she is reintroduced to her Aunt Janie and five cousins. Although she wants to hate her relatives, their kind demeanor and openness eventually wins her over. Even though she has moments of grief for her mom, Willie acclimates very well to her new family and life. She finds herself among a group of protective male cousins and their caring friends. She finally begins experiencing life as a normal fifteen year old should. Willie even develops her first crush on a boy within her new inner circle!

Overall Willie’s story is heartwarming. I often forgot this was a work of fiction because the characters seemed so real.
Descriptive details often made me feel like I was walking through the streets of Oklahoma and hanging out on her Aunt Janie’s property. Chelsea used concise descriptions of her characters which made it very easy to imagine their interactions.
The author weaved in Native American heritage insights, and I’m looking forward to reading more in the following books.

Less Than Humble beginnings is a story that touched my heart and I would recommend it to readers who want to be touched by struggle and triumph.

Review 16: Written by S.J. Wells “Shawn W.” on January 18th, 2013 Posted on Amazon

Chelsea Falin is a new author who has the ability to spin a great story that leads the reader into a piece of America populated with real characters in situations that are believable yet interesting. Through dialog and colorful descriptions she brings her young characters to life and makes you see the world around them through their own eyes.

The main character of this story, Willie, a young woman of mixed Native American heritage, has to come to grips with losing her mother, being sent to live with relatives in another state, starting at a new school, and becoming a young woman, all in a very short period of time. A lot for anyone to handle. But she also must learn to accept herself for who she is.

Willie learns about herself through the eyes of her new-found friends. And those friends end up learning things about themselves as well. This is the first part of what promises to be a story of discovery similar to the book Touching Spirit Bear by Ben Mikaelson. I would have liked more of the story to be in this book, and I’m looking forward to the next installment. There is some harsh language and some story material that may be too much for very young readers. The book is intended for teenagers and young adults who may find themselves facing the same hardships as the great cast of characters in this story, and who will have the same questions every young person has when they find themselves growing up whether they wanted to or not.

Review 18: Written by K. Nelson on January 6th, 2013 Posted on Amazon

Less than humble beginnings is one of the best books I’ve read involving coming of age teens. It was also inspirational in a way because of the determination of each of the characters. From the main character Willamina to either her cousins friends Spike or Duke, each one has a problem in their life that they will use to thrive in their own future. It was also a nice change to have native americans be the focus of this story. I look forward to reading the second of this book and I highly recommend to anyone to give it a try.

Review 19: Written by Michelle on March 10th, 2013 Posted on Goodreads

The book is a Novella so its not to long I read it in about a day. But WOW I couldn’t put the book down. The book centers around a young girl name Willie, her mom passes away, Willie and her sister Babette have to move in with her mom’s estranged family but what she find is a culture she was unaware of, friends she never thought she would have and a life she always wanted. I completely love Willie she is such a strong character and as the book progresses she really grows. Her family and friends are amazing they are so well written and the story as a whole is heartwarming & realistic with just the right amount of romance. All the characters had such a “real” feel to them it was almost like I was in the story with them hanging out on the couch drinking a beer and laughing alone with them. This story with not a lot of pages but holds so much passion and culture and friendship in it. By the end of the book you will be wanting more!!!!

Would I recommend it?
Yes, yes, yes….just for the fact that it is such a heartwarming story and it makes you love all these people as if they are all your friends too πŸ™‚

Review 20: Written by Rachel on July 10th, 2013 Posted on Goodreads

A surprisingly easy-going, sweet, coming of age narrative; Less Than Humble Beginnings sets the stage for quite a few stories. It is very easy to relate to Willie feeling as if she doesn’t belong. Although I think all 15 year old girls experience this, she comes across as endearing rather than annoying. I would recommend thin book to any young reader from the age of about 13 on up.

Review 21: Written by Annare on July 11th, 2013 Posted on Amazon

I liked this story.
I felt sorry for Willie, and was very happy when she settled in well with her aunt & cousins.
This was a very easy to read book. The story really flowed well.
I’m looking forward to starting book 2

Review 22: Written by Katie on July 16th, 2013 Posted on Goodreads

At first this book was hard for me to get in too. But when Spike started show interest in Willie it caught me. Someone to show her that life can be fun which is exactly what she needed with all that she had been through.
I thought all was lost when she and Spike shared the kiss, I honestly didn’t know which way it was going to go, I thought all was lost between them, and it kind of put me off, but I knew it wouldn’t be that easy.
I am very excited to start on the second book which I will be doing as soon as possible πŸ™‚
All in all the book was a feel good book, very good for a novella. I enjoyed this read very much. I can only give it 4 stars but I would say it is a 4 1/2 πŸ™‚

Review 23: Written by Michelle on July 10th, 2013 Posted on Goodreads

After reading the blurb for this book I realised it doesn’t really give you any clue as to what to expect in the story, thankfully this didn’t actually put me off as I soon found myself really enjoying the story. It centres around Willie as she goes through a major period of transition. Throughout this she also has to learn to embrace many things that were previously foreign to her as she learns more about her cultural background (Native American). Being a teen is hard enough, but to do it whilst dealing with all Willie goes through both past and present shows her amazing strength of character and I found myself really liking her. All the characters in the book work really well. You find out a bit more about many of their stories and struggles. None of them have had an easy life however they all show some great character traits. I found myself being glad that whatever happened they did not have to go through it alone and had each other to lean on. The story began quite slowly with a lot of narrative detail, that although building the foundations for the remainder of the story did make it a bit slow to start, the ending was also really abrupt and for those reasons I gave it four stars but was also glad I didn’t have to wait for the next one to be written to find out where the story went next. Overall it was an enjoyable start to a series with a sweet story even in spite of some of the more serious issues covered. I definitely enjoyed it and hope others do the same.

Review 24: Written by Rabsaris on August 9th, 2013 Posted on Amazon

Well I will start saying this book is amazing. I was given the opportunity to give an honest review and here it goes. Willie is an amazing person because she had to put up with his mom been a wreck and after she die Willie world change but I like that she change for better and not worse. This book makes you release that your world can change in a matters of minutes but no matter what happens you should turn it for better and not worse. I love the characters and is an easy book to read and understand. It has sad parts, and funny parts. This book is amazing I didn’t expected to be into this book so much as I did. I would said give it a try you wound be disappointed. Well Im of to read the second one I don’t even want to read the second one because I want to buy it in paperback so badly. This is how badly I want to read the second one because it let you want more. So give it a try.
Happy Reading

Review 25: Written by Jv816 on July 27th, 2013

Given a copy of this book by the author in exchange of a review.

It was a really cute quick read that ends on a cliffhanger.

Willie ends up at her aunts house after her mom dies from a drinking and driving accident.

I really liked Willie. She had a great personality and a great family. I loved her relationship with her cousins and their friends. How they just took her in as one of their own.

My only complaints could be the spelling errors. While they didn’t really bother me, I definitely noticed them. Also, some things seemed way too described.

This was a really great novella that I would recommend to others.


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