Chelsea Falin

Blog Owner, Operator, Content Creator, Reviewer

I was born in an itty bitty Florida town called Dade City. Although I spent the first ten years of my life in my little hometown, the remainder of my childhood was spent moving – a lot. Growing up incredibly poor, my childhood was undoubtedly rough. Yet these rough years also represent some of the best years of my life. The tougher the situations were, the closer my family bonded. I married and became a mother early in life, moved to southern New Jersey, and created a close “family” of friends for myself.

Currently, I am the 24 year old mother of a beautiful five year old girl, and a wife of nearly six years. I live in an “extended-family” situation, which suits me perfectly. I’m a freelance content creator, independent author, baby-sitter, and work part time as an assistant Baker. I am also studying to get my CDA.

My favorite things to read are epic fantasy, autobiographies, historical fiction, young adult/coming of age,  middle school fiction, Amish inspirationals, and anything pertaining to or revolving around football. Besides reading and writing, my free time is occupied with friends, family, fishing, football, hiking, and cooking.

Rose Parker


I was born in San Francisco but my only memories of it are hand-me-downs from my parents’ fond recollections. Growing up in Shaker Heights, Ohio, I was too silent and broody for my classmates’ tastes. Since my mother’s advice (“Grin and bear it”) did not relieve my loneliness, I boldly decided to begin speaking. I started with a hesitant, whispered compliment aimed at the shoes of the girl sitting next to me in math class. And it was all (slowly, steeply) uphill from there.

I am now a freelance writer living in Southern California. I write creatively, as well as on topics like policy, news, science and what I think about the world (snippets of my work can be found on my blog, My most recent project is a book chapter about conservation policy. I am also a graduate of Pomona College and a part time landscaper.

My favorite things to read are autobiographies, spiritual texts, poetry, fantasy/ sci-fi, political histories and the internet. When I am not reading or writing, I like spending time with my quail, fixing bikes and having conversations on rooftops.


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