We are actively seeking reviewers to participate in our Ongoing Book Review Program. WE OFFER A SMALL COMPENSATION TO ALL REVIEWERS! You can make a little extra spending money while receiving free books to review! Note: The compensation is small and is only for your TIME, it is not payment for positive reviews.

Compensation includes:

  • Free books to review, chosen by you from the available listing on a google document that will be shared with you upon acceptance into the program
  • A small payment of 25 cents per 100 pages read (noted beside each potential review book) for your time. Payments are made once a reviewer has reached $10 via Amazon gift cards or PayPal.
  • One entry into a monthly drawing for $10 PayPal Cash or Amazon gift card per book reviewed.



  • All reviewers accepted into the program must write at least one review each week to stay in the program. The only exception to this rule is when a reviewer has read all books currently enrolled in the program and is waiting for new books to arrive.
  • All reviews MUST be posted on Amazon. We’d like you to also post your reviews on Goodreads, but it isn’t required. It’s simply a bonus for our authors.
  • Reviews can post all reviews of a book, no matter the rating. If a reviewer would prefer not to publicly post a one or two star review, they can simply contact Chelsea Falin at penpossessed@gmail.com to let her know.

Sign Up to Join the Program Here: