(Guest Post) A Word From Sarah K.L. Wilson of The Tangled Fae Series

0 tangled fae series teaser 1

I like to try to write colorful characters. I don’t like beige in real life, and I don’t like it in books. I like cardinal red and the bold azure of the summer sky. I like flashing emerald green and cadmium yellow.

I want to feel something about a character – even if its hate or simple curiosity and I want to make you feel that, too. I want you to taste them as clearly as biting into a mandarin orange or smashing a chunk of ripe pineapple into your lips. I want you to leave the story with them clinging to you like the smell of peppermint. If I’ve done that, then I’ve succeeded. I’ve been fair to the characters and their story and I’ve been fair to you.

After all, you came to a story to try on someone else’s adventure like a new coat off the rack, didn’t you? You’ll wear it for a little while and then move on. So why not give you an adventure you’ll never forget?

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