(Guest Post) A Word from Daneal Brown

juice box teaser 2

My writing style is 75% visualization after I visualize two chapters or so, I jot
down notes in my phone as a guide. Then, I knock out two or three chapters at a
time. That’s usually the first process, once I get it out of me then I can go back
and make it pretty, lol! Now the strange thing about my writing is that, especially
with my first book, I write most of my sex scenes while listening to Gospel music,
long story, we will have to visit that on another day lol
If you’ve read and enjoyed my book, you can thank my wife. My wife was a big
inspiration for Juice Box, put your thinking cap on for that one lol! The title is my
nickname for her. Okay, that’s all I’ll say lol. The characters in Juice Box, all have
something in common with someone that I know personally.

The main character is a mixture of three people. For example, Essence has my wife’s qualities. Yeah, I mean every character is a mixture of a few people that I know. The concept was to create a world of black professionals, some with gutter backgrounds. You know the books about the plugs baby momma, the dope boy with a heart was what
everyone expected from me in my first book. I just wanted to take a different
approach and shock some people. Don’t get it twisted I write that shit too, but I
felt it was oversaturated, so I wanted to create a conflicted love story. Again, the
characters are people I mixed together and made their babies, lol.
I also wanted to make sure that readers knew what made the characters tick. So,
for example with Shaun, it was money and sex. Essence’s ticks you will learn in
Juice Box 2. Cherry had the same motivations as Shaun Money with the
exception of fashion. Chad’s motivation, well he’s hella sneaky, but good people
though. You’ll see what I mean when you read the book.
Juice Box is my baby and just like my real child, I wouldn’t change anything
about it at all. I’ve learned a lot from Juice Box, I see some issues with it, but I still
wouldn’t change a thing. Because the experience taught me how to write scenes
and blend them. I also got to put my graphic design skills to use by making the
cover for it as well. Next up is my new baby, the new novel Mischief Island. With
any luck you’ll be able to see both in the future on a screen from the comfort of
your home while chilling with your own Juice Box lol
Okay folks, thank you so much for rolling with me through this process of
becoming your favorite writer. I appreciate every review, purchase, and please
believe y’all are my motivation. Without y’all there is no Daneal Brown the writer

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