Curious About Owls – New Title by Chelsea Falin!! (+Support Literacy! Learn How!)

****IT’S LIVE!!!****

Curious About Owls – The 1st Volume of My New Curious Kids Series!

Available on Amazon in Print or E-Book!
$7.99 for a Paperback; $2.99 for an eBook
Also Available on KindleUnlimited!

This large-format paperback features high-quality images of owls alongside fun facts that’ll help satisfying the natural curiosity children have!

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I believe all children deserve to be Curious Kids, and that’s why I’m implementing a BRAND NEW PROGRAM to help support literacy in local and at-risk children! As part of The Curious Kids Gives Back Book Program, I’ll be donating a paperback to a local or at-risk child for every ten paperbacks sold!

Millions of children are eligible for the CURIOUS KIDS GIVES BACK BOOK PROGRAM! If your child is between the ages of birth and twelve and either:

  • (A) lives in one of the five designated local areas [see form for more information]
  • (B) attends a Title I Funded School District
  • (C) lives on a state or federally-recognized reservation, or
  • (D) lives in a rural area with a population of less than 100…

they’re eligible! We’ll be expanding eligibility requirements as time continues!

How can you support the literacy program? Simple! Buy your children any of the Curious Kids Series (more coming soon) and the rest is taken care of!


Want to sign a child up for the give back program? Just fill out this simple form:

Don’t have kids to purchase the books for? The Curious Kids Gives Back Program also accepts monetary donations. ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of monetary donations go towards free books for children (as per the author’s costs per book), including shipping. The author does not keep any of the donations.


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