Self Promo Sunday: Florida – Lightning, Oranges, & Space Travel (Think You Know Your States, #1)


Think you know your states?

Did you know that Florida produces 40% of the ENTIRE WORLD’S orange juice supply?

Or how about that Florida isn’t actually the southernmost state geographically?

Or that Florida is the only state which is a peninsula?

If you want to find out more interesting, little known, well known, strange, or unusual facts about Florida, this book is a must read!

Sections include:
*General State Facts
*Facts By City
*Strange News
*Infamous Crimes
*Natural Disasters
*Most Popular Baby Names by Birth Year
*Population & Growth By Decade
*Famous Floridians By Birth

Everything you’d ever want to know about Arizona, and so much more! (Book contains mildly violent subject matter in certain sections. Recommended for ages 10+, but is great for all ages with parental assistance and guidance)

Buy Now!

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