Writing Tip Wednesdays #6 – Another 5 Ways to Find Inspiration for Your Next Book (Part 3)

Today we’re continuing an informative new series called Writing Tip Wednesdays. We’ll be taking a look at different aspects of book writing, as well as answering frequent writing questions I’ve been asked. Come back each Wednesday at 6 pm for another brief, helpful post.

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Welcome to the third and final segment of ways to find inspiration for your next book. You can find more inspiration in the first post or the second post from last week.

1. Go People Watching

You can people-watch in bars, cafes, parks, boardwalks, or even malls. All you need to do is grab yourself a drink (I prefer coffee) and sit somewhere.

Watch the people who walk past you. Note their facial expressions, what they’re wearing, and what they’re doing. Create stories for these strangers in your head, and you may find you’ve created a new story for your book.

2. Take a Long Drive

Taking a long drive can clear your head. Throw on some music, roll down the windows, and drive somewhere you haven’t been before. This can get your imagination flowing and reduce the stress headache of trying so hard.

3. Read Your Old Journals

If you keep a journal, you could try going back and reading your old ones. Pulling on your own life experiences is a great way to get a story started.

For me, I have old journals dating back to my early teen years (a long, long time ago), and I’ve used them for inspiration for some of my stories.

4. Meditate

Meditation can help strengthen your mind’s ability to clear itself. It can also enhance your focus. A calm, focused mind is the best tool in finding inspiration for your next book.

You don’t have to go crazy with it, either. Starting with just five short minutes a day can help.

5. Put on Some Music

Music is known to have a substantial influence on your mind and, in particular, your mood. Put on some of your favorite music or check out something new. Listening to different types of music can help trigger different types of story ideas.

Do You Have More Questions?

Do you have more questions about finding inspiration for your next book?

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