Writing Tip Wednesdays #4 – 5 Ways to Find Inspiration for Your Next Book (Part 1)

Today we’re continuing an informative new series called Writing Tip Wednesdays. We’ll be taking a look at different aspects of book writing, as well as answering frequent writing questions I’ve been asked. Come back each Wednesday at 6 pm for another brief, helpful post.

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Sometimes finding inspiration for your book is easy. Sometimes it’s like pulling teeth while standing on hot coals. When the latter happens, you may wonder how you can find inspiration for your next book.

Today we’ll start a three-part series on ways to find inspiration ranging from the obvious to the rarely thought of.

1. Watch a Movie

Watching a movie will allow your mind to relax while simultaneously introducing you to new ideas. Although you can always re-watch old favorites, new movies are the best place to go for ideas.

2. Read a Book

Not into watching a movie? Read a book instead. Media consumption of any kind can be useful in triggering your imagination. You never want to steal someone’s ideas, but you may see a new way of looking at something.

3. Talk to a Child

Children look at the world in a different way than adults. They see the wonder in things we take for granted and find excitement in things we don’t think twice about. Having a conversation with a child can help alter your view, which can help jog your imagination.

4. Take a Walk

Take a slow walk around your neighborhood and pay attention to what you see. The combination of people watching, fresh air, sunshine, and exercise is great for helping you find inspiration. The latter three are also great for your mental and physical health, so it’s a win-win situation.

5. Change Where You Write

If you’re stuck in a funk and can’t think of a new story idea, it may be that you need to switch things up. Try changing where you write to see if it gets your creative juices flowing. Try working at a coffee shop, public park, or even on your porch.

Do You Have More Questions?

Do you have more questions about finding inspiration for your next book?

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