(Guest Post) Character Interview with Savage of Lawna Mackie’s, GOLD FEVER


Today we are speaking with one of the amazing characters in Lawna Mackie’s book, GOLD FEVER, which is book one in the Treasures of the Heart series.

Everyone please say hello to Savage. Savage why don’t you tell our readers a little bit about yourself.

Savage: <Panting and lets out a big huff as he sits>

It’s really hot in here.


Yes, I’m sure you’re hot with that glorious coat you’re wearing.


No, I don’t have a coat. I have fur.

Interviewer: <Laughing>

My apologies, you are correct. You have fur. So Savage, tell us more about you.

Savage: <His big tongue takes a swipe over his muzzle>

Well, I’m a Timber Wolf. I’m all black with yellow eyes—or so I’m told. I live in Dawson City, Yukon with my dad, Hunter, and my new mom, Samantha.


You say this lady named Samantha is your new mom. How did that come about?


My wolf mom was killed when I was a pup. Hunter took me and saved my life. One day my Dad said we had to go to the airport to pick up his client. He thought his client Sam, was a boy. <His tail wags> Silly Dad…Sam was Samantha, a girl. He wasn’t very happy about that. Neither was I. She did not smell good at all! We made her ride in the back seat.

Interviewer: <Laughing really hard>

What do you mean she smelled bad?

Savage: <His nose turns up in wrinkles>

Dad said it was pur-fume. I thought we should have put her in the back of the truck so she could get some fresh air. I could have shown her where she could roll in something to get rid of the smell she had.

She also wore these shoes with spikes—They made her walk funny. Dad said the Yukon wilderness was not a good place for her. We had to teach her some lessons.


What kind of lessons?

Savage: <Now slurping water from a bowl of water>

Dad made her cross a river. <His tail wags> It was funny. She wasn’t very happy. I liked her because she fed me steak and talked to me. Dad really really liked her. He said she was in big trouble, so we had to help her. She had to learn to ride a horse—And then she walked funny for a few days.


Where were you going?


Hunting for gold of course—Way up in the mountains. But then bad men showed up. <Savage growls>


The bad men, is that when you got hurt?


I saved my Mom and Dad.


Well that is very honorable of you. I’m glad you are okay now.


I couldn’t let anything bad happen to them. I’d bite those bad men in the ass anytime if they mess with my family.


You are very funny Savage, but I’m certain you can be quite terrifying. I hear you’re now a babysitter. I should say animal sitter.

Savage: <He huffs and lays down>

You must mean Groot. He’s a pain in my side. It’s a good thing he was a baby or we might not have gotten along. Wolves and wolverines don’t really mix.


A wolverine you say! I hear they can be quite vicious. I’m sure he was a hand…or I should say a pawful, but I guess that’s another story – book two actually, CAST IN STONE.

Thank you for joining us Savage. I look forward to reading about your next adventures in book two.

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