Chelsea Falin’s Got SO MANY Tours Lined Up For the Next Few Months

Hey guys! We’re hitting 2020 with a big bang. I have SO MANY tours lined up for my own books over the next few months. Every book tour is hosted by Silver Dagger Book Tours and features giveaways. You can sign up for the tours on the banners below. Even people with just a Facebook page are more than welcome to share! Or, you know, you can just get totally excited.

These are just the “base” tours, too. Tours will be lined up in the next three to six months for the 5th volume of The Growing Roots Series (yes! Seriously!), a brand new erotica series, AND my Think You Know Your States? series. There are so many exciting things happening this year and I am just so excited to have y’all along for the ride. Lots of love to all y’all out there! xxx

poor florida cracker bannerfresh restart bannergrowing roots series bannergrown enough for love banner 1

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