Amazon Top Rated Kindle Books – New Urban Lit Releases!

If you’re looking for something new to read, check out these top rated Amazon kindle books. Some of them are available on Kindle Unlimited, some are not, but all of them have been released in the last 90 days. Today’s genre is Urban Lit. If you like stories set against a city backdrop with characters true to form, these books are for you!

Love and War 3 (A Hoover Gang Affair) by Latoya Nicole
Rated 5 with 147 Ratings

They say when it rains it pours, but these four brothers seem to be going through a storm…

Blaze is back and ready to set fire to anything moving. With the family questioning his motives and where he has been, it seems he is now the enemy and can’t be trusted. In the midst of him trying to clear his name, will he be able to handle the secrets that lies between Drea and Babyface??

With Quick in jail for murdering a cop, his life hangs in the balance.. unbeknownst to him, that is not the only thing waiting to tear him down. Life as he know it will never be the same…

Shadow now knows his girl can’t be trusted. But do she hold a trump card that will allow her to solidify her place as a Hoover and will Shadow risk his brother’s lives in order to be happy??

They say if you chop off the head, the body will fall. With Babyface’s loyalty in question, will he be able to lead the brothers and clean up the mess that surrounds their life? Or will his one mistake tear the brothers apart forever?

These four brothers are going through it all and can’t catch a break. With so much turmoil, secrets, and lies within the crew is The Hoover Gang as we know it done for good??

The Billionaire’s Daughter by K. Renee
Rated 5 with 106 Ratings

Raised to always be a boss, Kari Kassom, the daughter of Julez Kassom has grown up and ventured out on her own. Now that Christmas time has come around, Kari is headed home to be with her family but she’s bringing more than just presents.

Kari has a few secrets of her own that just might ruin Christmas.
Jah has and will forever be the man you need to see if you want someone taken care of permanently. Remaining a mystery has allowed him to flourish in his career, but he never thought he would be a mystery in his own marriage.

Having to remain a secret from his wife’s family has Jah side-eyeing his wife and questioning his whole marriage.

Wrapping paper won’t be the only thing flying this Christmas. Secrets will unravel like loose ribbon, but will the truth ruin Christmas? Kari Kassom has always been the Billionaire’s Daughter but now she is a full-grown woman and has to live in her truths.

Trap Gyrl by Barbie Scott
Rated 4.9 with 82 Ratings

When her mother is locked up state doing a bid, Cash is left running a million-dollar drug empire. Everything in Cash’s life is perfect, especially with two businesses that are successful. She’s single and a bonafide Trap Gyrl with a money over niggas attitude. That’s until she meets her match.

Brooklyn aka Nino is a sexy thug that captures her heart the moment she lays eyes on him. However, Que’s not giving up that easy.

Que is Cash’s right-hand man and lover. Que would do anything to keep his title and place in Cash’s heart. While the three are caught up in their twisted love triangle, a small-time hustler is trying to take down their empires, but they won’t give up that easy.

Brooklyn is forced to ride with Cash’s team, only making things worst for Que. Que has his own deep dark secrets that will be unfolded in this tale.

Take a ride with Cash Lopez as she dodges heartbreaks and bullets

A Brownsville, Harlem, and Staten Island Holiday Affair by Jahquel J.
Rated 5 with 77 Ratings

The crew is back for the holidays! Staten and Liberty have been through it all, and now they’ve finally made it down the aisle. The crew comes together to see the couple down the aisle in Aspen. You have the crews from A Staten Island Love Letter, Married to a Brownsville Bully & In Love With the King of Harlem. Enjoy this light hearted, short, sweet update on our favorite couples!

Hoodwives and Rich Thugs of Chicago by Tina Marie & Anna Black
Rated 5 with 69 Ratings

Fresh from living in the Bronx, Ca’Shon Taylor aka Chaos touched down in Chicago, his childhood home ready to make his presence known. Linking up with his cousin Nicco so they can expand their business money was the name of the game. After only a few weeks he has managed to find new hoes, terrorize the town and threaten most of his cousins workers. And experiencing the one thing that wasn’t a part of the plan, falling for a girl named Cayane.

Cayane Thomas was smart, cute and funny. But most of all she was a dedicated single mother. Due to her tragic relationship with her sons father, she saw men and stayed completely out of the way. So, when she meets a very rude Chaos, she planned to do the same with him. However, due to circumstances their paths keep crossing and fighting her attraction for him becomes impossible.

Nicco, street king of and family man, is the bond to all those he love and that love him. The choice’s he’s made has created some enemies and has put a strain on his relationship with his father, yet he still does what he wants and has to do. He is Ashlee’s everything and since they were teens they have had a bond that’s never been broken. Things are perfect for him and business is booming, but things are not for her. The one thing she wants to give him, she can’t and she has no idea that the person that is closest to her is desperate to take the most important thing she has.

All is fair in love, war and the streets and the lives of this host of characters are on an unpredictable path. See how the drama unfolds and see who will ultimately win in the end!

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