Amazon Top Rated Kindle Books – New 2hr Short Reads in SciFi & Fantasy

If you’re looking for something new to read, check out these top rated Amazon kindle books. Some of them are available on Kindle Unlimited, some are not, but all of them have been released in the last 90 days. Today’s genre is two-hour short reads in science fiction and fantasy. If you love the high-tech or sci-fi or the magic of fantasy but want a short, quick read, these books are for you!

The Book of the Sea (Vesik, Book 11) by Eric R. Asher
Rated 4.9 with 50 Ratings

A kingdom fallen. A queen victorious. The return to a past long since abandoned…

With Damian trapped in the Abyss, Nixie ventures to a lost city in search of a powerful artifact known as the Eye of Atlantis. By harnessing its ancient magic, she may have a chance to undo what was done by Nudd.

But the path to the Eye is wrought with danger. Hidden at the bottom of the sea, it remains heavily guarded in the ruins of a forgotten city. Unfathomable creatures stand in her way, yet the true threat may lie with the Fae themselves.

It’s war the Unseelie Fae want. To protect her family, it’s time for Nixie to show them why the water witches are to be feared.

Dragon Tide: Tides of Change by Sarah K. L. Wilson
Rated 4.9 with 32 Ratings

If they don’t find the keys first, then magic will be lost forever.

A new series by USA Today bestselling author Sarah K. L. Wilson.
Seleska and Nasataa are racing to find the keys that will unlock the Halroc, hidden in three different countries hundreds of miles apart.

But with Atura and her disguised manticores searching, too, the race is getting hot.
Can Seleska find the keys first?

Perfect for dragon lovers everywhere, DRAGON TIDE: TIDES OF CHANGE is episode six of DRAGONTIDE. The adventure begins when you one-click today!
Expect a new episode every eighteen days. Always free in Kindle Unlimited.

Wayward Son (Dog River Wolfpack, Book 0) by Kimbra Swain
Rated 4.9 with 20 Ratings

Is an Alpha wolf without a pack still an Alpha?

Deep in the swamps of Louisiana, Francisco Meyer leads the Whiskey Chitto Wolfpack. His wife, Regina, is pregnant, and the pack prepares a great celebration for the coming Alpha and heir to the pack. Tragedy strikes and Regina miscarries the child. After many years of trying, she is unable to conceive again. She pleads with her husband to take a second wife to produce an heir. The pack’s survival depends upon it.

When rival packs begin to test Frank’s authority of the pack, he gives in to his wife’s request. Instead of taking another wife, he makes a deal with a fairy woman who assures him a male heir and protection for his pack. He makes the deal on behalf of the pack. She bares him a son, Dominick.

The pack is unhappy about the deal that Frank made with the fairy woman, however, with pressure from the other packs, they reluctantly accept Dominick as the next Alpha.

This is the story of Dominick Meyer who ended up as a knight of the Queen of the Winter in Shady Grove, Alabama. His journey begins as a Wayward Son.

Wayward Son is the prequel to the Dog River Wolfpack Series, which is a spin-off of the Fairy Tales of a Trailer Park Queen Series.

The Book of the Staff (Vesik, Book 12) by Eric R. Asher
Rated 4.9 with 37 Ratings

A demon unleashed. An ally imprisoned. Zola risks a pact that could kill them all…

Zola Adannaya, necromancer and mentor to Damian Vesik, seeks an ancient artifact in order to save her student. Unfortunately, the only beings with the knowledge she needs are demons she trapped long ago.

Traveling to a small town in southern Missouri, where one such demon was cursed to a mundane existence, Zola must convince the creature to cooperate. Negotiations with a demon are always treacherous and Zola finds herself on a quest she may never return from. Her only hope lies in Corydon, on a distant battlefield guarded by an Old God.

If Zola fails to end a conflict centuries in the making, Vesik could pay the ultimate price—as could the world itself.

Star Force: Atonement (Star Force Universe Book 68) by Aer-ki Jyr
Rated 4.8 with 32 Ratings

Mak’to’ran’s message has been sent. Now he waits to see if his Era’tran race will have a future, or be consigned to darker days ahead.

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