Amazon Top Rated Kindle Books – New Espionage Thriller Titles!

If you’re looking for something new to read, check out these top rated Amazon kindle books. Some of them are available on Kindle Unlimited, some are not, but all of them have been released in the last 90 days. Today’s genre is espionage thrillers! If you love your thrillers with a heavy dose of spies and intrigue, these books are for you!

Fast Attack (The Hunter Killer Series, Book 4) by George Wallace and Don Keith
Rated 4.9 with 55 Ratings

A belligerent Russian president seeks to reunite the Soviet Union—beginning with Lithuania. But before the US can send military support, Russia’s navy forces a dangerous face-off in the Atlantic. As a Russian fleet maneuvers into a blocking position, a pair of spies attempts to sabotage the American navy.

With a hurricane bearing down on the Atlantic and the US fleet ordered to port, two American submarines and a small team of Navy SEALs are all that remain. Together, Commander Joe Glass and his fast attack submarines must defeat the Russian forces, or risk losing the global balance of power for good.

Invasion (The Falling Empire Series, Book 3) by James Rosone and Miranda Watson
Rated 4.9 with 54 Ratings

A world has been deceived, and a war has begun…

America has been invaded and stands isolated, alone, and without allies…

Lines have been drawn; sides have been chosen—brother against sister, father against daughter, parents against their children.

Battles rage from the Midwest to the Great Plains as militia factions form and political frustrations turn to violence.

The UN peacekeepers are hailed as liberators in the Northeast but reviled as invaders in the Upper Midwest.

Four nuclear armed powers wage war. Will the nuclear genie remain in the bottle, or will a desperate America, attacked on all sides, resort to using this devastating weapon to equal the playing field?

As the world descends into chaos, the puppet masters pulling the strings may finally have been exposed. But is it too little, too late? Can the endgame be stopped or is the world careening toward an unimaginable disaster?

Pack Leader (A Noah Wolf Thriller) by David Archer
Rated 4.7 with 105 Ratings

As the new head of E & E, Noah has to make decisions that would terrify most people. Fortunately, his lack of emotion makes him the ideal man for the job, and his teams rapidly come to respect him as he takes over from the infamous Dragon Lady.

But now, with a new trade war rocking world leaders and mega-corporations gearing up to wage some combat of their own, Noah has to put together a team that can not only eliminate those who threaten the world, but also bring some order to it. Who among his stable will be best for the job? There will be some surprises as Noah takes on his new role as the most dangerous and powerful man alive.

Rasputin’s Legacy (Atcho International Spy Thrillers, Book 2) by Lee Jackson 
Rated 4.9 with 41 Ratings

A CIA officer is assassinated in a village outside Paris. But before he is killed, Atcho learns of a dangerous conspiracy unfolding in Moscow.

Now Atcho must outwit Russian military and intelligence agents and prevent disaster. If he fails, nuclear annihilation will follow.

But when his fiancee—a former CIA operative—unexpectedly appears in Siberia to save him, Atcho must decide whether he can sacrifice himself to win…or lose everything he holds dear.

The Shield (A Blake Jordan Thriller) by Ken Fite
Rated 4.8 with 82 Ratings

When terrorists hijack weaponized military drones, a former government agent must team up with the people he swore he’d never work with to find the hijackers before they unleash the drones on DC.

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