Allison and the Torrid Tea Party by C.M. Stunich (Harem of Hearts, #2) – 5 Star Review!

51wZPwkBBXL._SY346_Story Rating: *****
Cover Rating: A

Ugh, this one just sucked me into the plot even more. From the very first page, we’re thrown smack dab back into the middle of all these whimsical, nonsensical crazy drama that surrounds Allison and her drool-worthy harem of super hot paranormal men. I literally read this book – and it isn’t short, people – in about a day… because I couldn’t put it down. Not at all. I can’t wait to read the next book and find out what happens, how all these loose ends and crazy plot lines get settled. I am so in love with Stunich’s writing. I might have a girlie crush. Just saying.

The cover is eye-catching and offers an accurate description of what readers should expect to find within the story.

Purchase: Amazon US   /   Amazon UK   /   Amazon CA

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