I Was Born Ruined by C.M. Stunich (Death by Daybreak Motorcycle Club, #1) – 5 Star Review!

51CuDof-xEL._SY346_.jpgStory Rating: *****
Cover Rating: A

This book confirmed I have found a new favorite author. Stunich is a fantastic author who writes gritty, naughty, raw stories that keep you captivated and begging for more. This particular story is gut-wrenching. The internal struggles and turmoil of the main character, Gidget, are so realistic – Stunich really dug deep into her POV with this one and placed us right inside the MC’s head. This book showed me again what I so loved about the first  title I found by her – she creates bad boy characters that are just nice enough, just broken enough that you can’t help but (A) feel bad for them and (B) want them. My favorite? Maybe Sin… but Crown is delicious, too.

The cover is eye-catching and offers an accurate depiction of what readers should expect to find within the pages.

Purchase: Amazon US   /   Amazon UK   /   Amazon CA

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