Seeking Reviewers! Earn Spending Money While Reviewing Books!

We are currently seeking additional reviewers to join our Ongoing Book Review Program. We offer our reviewers a very small compensation for their time. (Payments are NOT for positive reviews – just a little bonus for your time and effort.)

Besides free PDF review copies of the titles you choose from a Google Doc provided to approved reviewers, our blog pays a rate of 25 cents per 100 pages read. The payment per review is listed beside each title in the document and payments are made once $10 has been earned. There is also a monthly drawing for $10. Each reviewer gets one entry into the monthly giveaway per review written during that month.

For a full list of rules,  check out this page. Sign up today! We are only accepting a limited number of active reviewers into the program right now as we try to grow to provide for more than 20 titles. Once the program has grown to provide for more than the current 20 titles, we will be offering a second (and maybe a third) $10 payment via our monthly giveaway.


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