Check Out The Blog’s Last New Promo Service – The Ongoing Book Review Program!

As you know, the Pen Possessed Book Blog has been making ongoing efforts to create new, affordable promotional programs and services for Indie and Small Press authors. We set up several small promotional services that cost $10 or less, and created a Facebook PA Push Program, in addition to the creation of pre-made eBook covers.

Now, we are unveiling our last new planned program – The Ongoing Book Review Program! This is different from receiving a book review on the blog (submissions for which are closed until January 1st, 2020 .)

We know that reviews are so important for the Indie and Small Press Community. They help readers feel confident in purchasing your title, help your book rank better in Amazon, build your reputation, and can eventually increase sales across the board.

What’s the Ongoing Book Review Program?

For just $20 a month, your book is placed in front of a dedicated group of readers through a few different methods, and is guaranteed to receive at least two honest reviews a month. Some months your book may receive more, but two each month are guaranteed or you get your monthly fee back!

All books will be reviewed via PDF copies that you provide. The copies are then encrypted so they can’t be shared/uploaded once the reviewers receives their copies. Book reviews are international.

We already have four authors enrolled in the program! Have more than one title you’d like reviewed monthly? We can work out a deal for authors with two or more books to help them save money off the $40+ monthly fee! Just contact us to ask!

As of right now, our program is only capable of handling up to 20 books at a time – and we have 6 books enrolled by our 4 authors. That means there are only 14 spots left! We plan to expand this in the future with the increase of staff promoting your book, checking reviews, ensuring authors/reviewers are compliant, invoicing, and a thousand other things that go into the program. Book your spot today, because those spots are going fast! All four enrolls occurred before we started doing any promotion of the program!

Why Use Pen Possessed?

The Pen Possessed Book Blog is ran by Chelsea Falin. In addition to being the independent author of more than 25 titles and an avid book blogger, she is also an industry-certified inbound marketing specialist with more than 10 years of experience. She holds certifications in content marketing, digital marketing, inbound marketing, and social media marketing (as well as customer service), and has on-the-job experience in so much more!

Click Here For More Information & To Register Your Book(s) Today!


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