Pen Possessed Is Becoming Friendlier For Some International Visitors and Subscribers!

In the last two months, we’ve noticed that a significant portion of our traffic is coming from countries outside of the United States.

In the last two months alone, we received 262 visitors from Canada and 184 visitors from the United Kingdom. To this effect, we’ve decided to alter our reviews slightly to include links to purchase on Amazon UK and Amazon Ca whenever applicable. Since we have more than 100 reviews currently listed on the website (and more being posted daily), this change may take us some time. Bear with us as we make our blog more efficient for our international audiences!

Also, please note that all linked images (on our featured books page, the blog sidebar, etc.) will still be for Amazon US as this is where most of our traffic comes from.

For a little fun fact, in the last two months the Pen Possessed book blog has been visited by people in 43 countries – including:

The US, the UK, Canada, Romania, Malta, India, Nigeria, South Africa, Netherlands, Germany, Croatia, Italy, France, Pakistan, Sweden, Bangladesh, Israel, Philippines, Ireland, Russia, Finland, Greece, Malaysia, Kenya, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Hungary, Mexico, Norway, Portugal, Ghana, Turkey, Poland, Singapore, South Korea, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, Brazil, Guernsey, Thailand, Vanuatu, Puerto Rico, and Macedonia!

We’re taking over the world one book tour and review at a time. 😉 So, a big thank you to all of Pen Possessed’s international visitors and subscribers. We hope to start making the blog more efficient to a larger number of you!

Just for fun, let’s have a roll call. If you’re viewing this post, let me know where you’re from! US visitors can leave their state, and international visitors their country!

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