Magic Kingdom For Sale – Sold by Terry Brooks (Magic Kingdom of Landover Series, #1) – 5 Star Review!

51qZtIdI3tL.jpgStory Rating: *****
Cover Rating: A

The Magic Kingdom of Landover series has long been a favorite of mine, having been the first true fantasy series I ever read (a long, LONG time ago). Rereading it for the umpteenth time, I’m still totally in love with the world created by Brooks. This book provides a unique twist of epic fantasy meets dystopian meets modern fantasy. Between the modern world of Ben and the fantasy world he purchases, the subgenres of fantasy are interwoven so flawlessly. A rich cast of characters that are so easy to fall in love with only prove to make the story even more unforgettable.

The cover is eye-catching and offers an accurate depiction ofย  what readers should expect to find within the story.

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