‘A Fresh Restart’ by Chelsea Falin Received a 5-Star Editorial Review on IndiesToday!

Reviewer Jennifer Jackson gave ‘A Fresh Restart’ a 5 star editorial review on IndiesToday! Here’s what Jennifer had to say:

Remember your first love? Maybe you were just a teen, but the feelings settled deep. Then life happens. You grow up, move on, go separate ways. That is where we find Josette Miller. After a failed marriage and the death of her mother, Josette finds herself back in her childhood home after years away. Although the circumstances are less than joyful, Josette gets a chance to spend time with her siblings and catch up with her childhood friends. One of those friends, Walker Anderson, is determined not to let Josette slip through his fingers as he did so many years ago. When but a boy, Josette was his first love. As a man, Walker realizes, Josette is his only true love.

A Fresh Restart takes place in Florida, so there are plenty of fresh baked biscuits and sweet iced tea to go around. Josette has matured a lot in her life. She has children of her own and isn’t quick to give in to desire. As the story progresses, Walker proves to be the hero Josette remembers as a girl. Chelsea Falin takes her time getting to the steamy scenes, but the buildup just adds to the pleasure. A Fresh Restart is a quick read that is sure to satisfy.

You can find the original review here, or purchase the book on Amazon here. It’s FREE on Kindle Unlimited!!

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