Revision in Pen Possessed’s “Featured Books” Page! PLUS Big Half-Off Discount!

Big Changes!

As Pen Possessed continues to grow, expand, and offer more opportunities for authors, we’re changing the way we do some things. Our “Featured Books” page is our newest change.  The page previously featured a combination of paid slots and five star reviews, combined together in chronological format. (Chronological refer to the dates in which they appear on the blog). Both paid slots and reviews were based on limited time slots.

NOW, however, we’ve decided to make a big change that will also offer authors permanent positions on the “Featured Books” page. The page will be split into two sections, with the top section being those who have paid for slots on the page. These slots are no longer time sensitive but permanent. The new cost is only $10 per book, and that book is listed for life. This page is shared to Pen Possessed’s Twitter and Facebook accounts, in addition to getting in front of more than 1,000 (and constantly rising!) website views per month.

Limited Time Half-Off Discount!

In honor of this big shift for the blog, however, we are offering a half-off promotion from now until the end of the year (December 31st, 2019). Instead of $10 per book, authors can get their titles listed on the featured book’s page permanently for just $5 a book! That’s the price of a fancy cup of coffee! Once it’s listed, your book’s cover (linked to Amazon) will remain on the website permanently.

Other Information

The second section of the  “Featured Books” page will be dedicated to five-star reviews. Yes, your book can be listed in both sections for maximum exposure! The five-star reviews listed in this section of the “Featured Books” page will be dedicated to Indie or Small Press titles only, and is also permanent! Stick with us as we continue adding books which have previously received a five-star rating, and make sure to share the page with your own followers if you’ve found yourself on the page!

Thanks for sticking with us as we continue to grow, expand, and work to find affordable ways to help marketing Indie and Small Press authors! Don’t forget to take advantage of the big half-off discount!

For your convenience, you can purchase YOUR book’s listing using the payment button below!

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