Know You By Heart by Laurie Winter – 5 Star Review!

45565191._SY475_.jpgStory Rating: *****
Cover Rating: A

I’ve read dozens, if not hundreds, of romance novels and this has to be my favorite yet. I was on edge the entire story, eagerly turning pages to find out what happened next. I was absolutely enthralled, and yet, it was a rather soft, mundane story that could very likely happen. No major dramas – just normal things that happen to everyday people, or everyday heroes. We see an all-star football player who struggles to stay clean after overcoming drug addiction paired with an amazing woman solider who suffers from PTSD. The characters are not only likeable but intricately flawed in the very best ways. They stay true to their core personalities, even while Winter deftly wrote them into a dynamic character shift that allowed for a swoon-worthy ending.

The cover is eye-catching and offers an accurate depiction of what readers should expect to find within the story.

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