Moving A Little Heart by Breanna Hayse (Little Hearts, #1) – 4 Star Review!

517BntUm7HL.jpgStory Rating: ****
Cover Rating: A

Wow. This was the first book I’d read that was Age-Play/Polyamory. I found it to be enlightening about the life-style, which I previously knew nothing about, and thrilling. There was a lot of overcoming internal challenges by all involved characters, which could realistically be applied to anybody, regardless of their choice of lifestyle. The intimate scenes were both descriptive and I loved how the author put you in Baylor’s head during those times. It wasn’t just your run-of-the-mill erotica, but really delved into he psychological aspects of it. I’m excited to read the next volume to see how pregnancy and children affect this choice of lifestyle, and dive into Baylor’s head as she overcomes these new obstacles/challenges.

The cover is eye-catching and offers a solid description of what readers should expect to find within the book’s pages.

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