The Darkness by Brittney Leigh (Bulwark Anthology, #8) – 3 Star Review!

download.jpgStory Rating: ***
Cover Rating: A+

This book was slightly different from the other Bulwark Anthologies I’ve read, as it was written in diary form from the POV of a local high school student. I love books written in diary form, so that was a big plus. I also enjoyed the look at history the book provided, and the characters were realistic enough. I definitely felt the teenager vibe in the entries, which was great. They were dry at all. My only major issues with the story was that (A) it seemed a little rushed, and (B) there were a lot of liberties taken with Cherokee heritage and tradition. I know, writers take liberties (I myself included) but I just felt it was a little too much. Otherwise, it was a quick, fun read that gave me chills.

The cover was perfect and only the second to receive the big A+ rating. It is eye-catching and offers a perfect description of the story found inside.

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