Raging Sea by Kim Iverson Headlee (Dragon’s Dove Chronicles, #3) – 4 Star Review!

download.jpgStory Rating: ****
Cover Rating: A

This was another action-packed addition in line with what I’d come to expect of the Dragon’s Dove Chronicles. In fact, I literally finished the story in about 12 hours (despite being a lengthy book). The only reason this one didn’t receive a five star review like the first two volumes is that I feel there are SO many loose ends. It left me wanting more, so I would definitely not be opposed to a fourth volume. Still, I was enraptured with the story. There was fighting, love, lust, passion, corruption, betrayal… ah! The list goes on. Yet another fantastic story by Headlee!

The cover is eye-catching and offers an accurate description of what readers should expect to find within the book’s pages.

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  1. Okay, full disclosure: this series of full-length novels is projected to be eight volumes, plus spinoff novellas. Next up is Lost Son, which will get back to Gyan and Arthur’s story line as a bridge story between the end of Raging Sea and the beginning of book 4, Zenith Glory. I’m glad you liked Raging Sea, though, and thanks for your lovely review! 🙂

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