Dawnflight by Kim Iverson Headlee (The Dragon’s Dove Chronicles, #1) – 5 Star Review!

51ZC1+pYpKL.jpgStory Rating: *****
Cover Rating: A

Wow… all I can really say is wow. This story is riveting, captivating, and incredibly detailed. This has got to be my favorite story of Arthur and Gwenuviere yet. Although the book is quite long, it isn’t difficult to get through it’s pages. In fact, I lost two nights of sleep because I truly couldn’t put the book down – and even now I have to restrain myself from immediately jumping into the second volume (despite the need to sleep).

The characters are realistic and not all-powerful. They have very obvious, very believable flaws that make them more human to the readers. The settings are described in intimate detail so that it’s as though you are seeing the images versus reading the words. I laughed, I cried… my heart thundered in fear and at the blood lust of battle. I can not think of a single thing to make this story better, and I’m incredibly eager to tackle the second volume!

The cover is eye-catching and gives an accurate depiction of what readers should expect to find inside it’s pages.

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