Pen Possessed is Seeking 2-3 Avid Readers to Join the Review Team!

Here at Pen Possessed, we post 2-3 book reviews daily. (Sunday-Thursday, we post two a day at 3 pm and 6 pm; Friday/Saturday we post three reviews a day at 3 pm, 6 pm, and 9 pm). We’re looking for 2-3 avid readers to help keep up these efforts to bring other readers reviews on what might be their next favorite book!

Being a reviewer is simple! The only qualifications are that reviewers must post at least three reviews each month, follow our super basic review format, and be willing/able to post on both Amazon and Goodreads (for indie-published books).

What books can you review?

Any! Pen Possessed posts reviews on traditionally and independently published books, in all genres ranging from children’s picture books to erotica! The only things we don’t post are erotica books with full-frontal nudity, or any books that preach hate, discrimination, etc.

We have books sent in to us for review, and Pen Possessed reviewers are more than welcome to request titles in specific genres be sent their way for consideration. BUT, you can review any book you read! It doesn’t have to be sent in to us.

Why Should You Review Books with Us?

Other than a love of reading and a desire to help others find amazing books, we do offer a monthly giveaway for our reviewers! Each month, one reviewer will receive $10 PayPal Cash (or Amazon Gift Card, winner’s choice). Reviewers receive one entry for each book they review over the three book monthly minimum. Do you read two books a week? That could get you five entries into the monthly giveaway!

In addition to the monthly giveaway, there are other great bonuses! Special, limited edition tee-shirts are in design now for all reviewers who post a total of 100 reviews on the Pen Possessed book blog site! (Tee shirt designs will be released by the end of January 2020.) These tee-shirts are only available to those who’ve posted 100 or more reviews – AND they come with a $10 digital Amazon gift card guarenteed to thank you for all your hard work – and your wonderful love of books!

What’s the layout?

Our review layout is super simple, and you can check out any of our recent book reviews to see for yourself. We ask that you supply not only a story rating, but also a book cover rating. After a written review of at least 20 words (although we prefer 100+ words), you write a brief note about the cover stating whether it was eye-catching and/or offered an accurate description of the book. Don’t worry about the Amazon links – we’ll add those later!


If you’re interested in becoming a Pen Possessed book reviewer, shoot us an email at! Please include:

Short Bio (For “About Reviewers Section”):
Would you like the opportunity to receive review requests from authors?:
Preferred Genres:
Are You Willing to Do Kids/Teens Books (or have a child who is willing to read them)?:
Estimated Book Reviews You Can Write Monthly:

We look forward to hearing from you! Make sure you send that email today!


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