Dragon Storm by Lindsay Buroker (Heritage of Power Series, #1) – 4 Star Review!

51wnXf51oCL._SY346_.jpgStory Rating:****
Cover Rating: B

I fell in love with Lindsay Buroker after reading her Agents of the Crown series, and decided to follow up with another series – and Heritage of Power looked to be the most interesting. That being said, I found the beginning of the book hard to get into. I put it down a few times so I could push myself to move on. I’m very glad I did.

Although the beginning of the book is a bit dull, the rest is action-packed. The characters are realistic and I love their names! Buroker has quite the talent for creating unique, whimsical names that seem to fit her characters perfectly. I love Rysha. She’s an athletic, tomboy book nerd who adds a bit of “heart” to her logic. Trip is a kind of goofy oddball who just doesn’t fit in – something I totally relate to!

There is considerable sexual tension and internal conflict intertwined with the external overlying plot. All in all, this was a good start to what I hope is another amazing series by Buroker. Definitely recommend and suggest pushing past the first half-chapter or so to get to the good stuff!

The cover is moderately eye-catching and accurately portrays what the reader should expect to happen in the book. I feel the characters portrayed are more or less what I expect them to look like, although I imagined Trip slightly different.

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