Enchanters’ End Game by David Eddings (The Belgariad, #5) – 5 Star Review!

51VuM7FndqL._SX302_BO1,204,203,200_.jpgStory Rating: *****
Cover Rating: B

Eddings wraps up this series beautifully in Enchanter’s End Game (and simultaneously sets the scene for the following series, The Mallorean). It is another action-packed book that intricately works the internal workings/struggles of his characters into the overlying plot. The book keeps the reader turning the page to find out what happens next, and wraps up the story with no loose endings. Somehow, however, Eddings manages to leave openings in the plot (without it being loose ends) that allow the reader to still be intrigued to follow-up with The Mallorean.

The cover is moderately eye-catching and gives an accurate depiction of what readers should expect from the story. (Please note: The cover I am reviewing is the mass market paperback cover I own. There are other covers for other editions of this book.)

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