Magician’s Gambit by David Eddings (The Belgariad, #3) – 5 Star Review!

download (2)Story Rating: *****
Cover Rating: C

In this book, we get much further inside Ce’Nedra’s head. She’s a feisty, spoiled little thing with a heart of gold and her BIG flaws make her a highly realistic character, despite her powerful status. It’s also a testament to Polgara (my favorite character ever, of course) that she can keep the little imp in line – but then, everyone always listens to “Aunt Pol.”

Belgareth is crankier than ever, Garion is undergoing big changes, and are side cast (who prove to have their own moments taking center stage) are all slowly fleshing out at an appropriate time without overwhelming the reader. The action ramps up in this third installment, so you can’t put the book down and MUST *immediately* pick up the fourth.

The cover is okay. It gives a fairly accurate depiction of what the reader might imagine the pages contain, and is moderately eye-catching. (Note: The cover reviewed is for the mass market paperback edition I own. There are numerous other cover designs available on numerous other formats.)

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