Strength of a Promise by Sarah Storme – 5 Star Review!

51M91CmiB4L.jpgStory Rating: *****
Cover Rating: B

From the very beginning, Strength of a Promise drew me in. The beginning hints at a lot of big secrets that are revealed with perfect timing – right when the reader actually needs to know the truth. It’s suspenseful, romantic, and was a nice, quick read that I finished in a single day.

Thad is a total hunk who’s “promises” make him all the more a swoon-worthy guy. He’s also not perfect, which makes it all the better for me. I have big issues with perfect heroes. Flaws are wonderful!

Diana is a sweetheart with a sassy attitude that I adore. She’s a doting mother who definitely didn’t want anything to do with Thad – but letting him in proves to be a wonderful thing!

The cover is good, and it does draw the eye. The cover made me imagine the story would be more of a western romance than it really was, however, so it doesn’t entirely accurately portray the story.

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