Elven Fury by Lindsay Buroker (Agents of the Crown, #4) – 5 Star Review!

51OIiaQ8grL.jpgStory Rating: *****
Cover Rating: A

So, in the fourth volume things heat up some ridiculously evil elves show up and want to kill off Lornysh – an elf that Jev made friends with in the army. Lornysh also becomes a more prominent character and I just absolutely love him. True, he’s probably not meant to be a swoon-worthy character, but I have a thing for elves so there’s that.

Jev and Zenia are once again pushing closer together as a romantic couple, but they still have major obstacles to overcome. Zenia is still kind of reluctant, as she’s proven to be stubborn throughout the previous books. (Stubbornness is something I can totally relate to!) She’s giving in a little at a time, and Jev is pushing for it with everything he’s got.

The cover was exactly what I’d come to expect from the Agents of the Crown series. It drew my attention and accurately depicted what happens in the book.

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