Eye of Truth by Lindsey Buroker (Agents of The Crown, #1) – 3 Star Review!!

51hHCXmMGcLStory Rating: ***
Cover Rating: A

The beginning of this book was a little hard to get into, but I did appreciate being thrown directly into the story. I immediately fell in love with the characters, and enjoyed that Zenia Cham was a kick-butt woman who didn’t “need a man,” yet still was willing to start indulging her feelings for Jev Dharrow. And Jev? He’s amazingly likable and far from perfect, which is something I love in my heroes.

The romantic plot and the fantasy plot were well intertwined, and there was a lot of foundation building going on in this first volume of the series that gets readers ready for more action-packed excitement in following books. (To be clear: I have already finished the series.)

The cover is well-done and draws the attention, although I (personally) didn’t quite picture either Zenia or Jev in the way they appear on the cover.

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