50 Famous Floridians

Here on day three of this little Florida series, we’re going to take a look at 50 famous Floridians. Yesterday we looked at 25 Strange Florida Laws, and the day before that we looked at 25 Strange/Interesting Florida Facts.

  1. Ariana Grande (Pop Singer/Actress) – Boca Raton, FL
  2. Andre Johnson (Football Wood Receiver) – Miami, FL
  3. Bella Thorne (Actress/Dancer) – Pembroke Pines, FL
  4. Boof Bonser (Baseball Pitcher) – Saint Petersburg, FL
  5. Bob Ross (Painter/Art Instructor/Television Host) – Daytona Beach, FL
  6. Debbie Harry (Singer/Songwriter/Playboy Bunny) – Miami, FL
  7. Dave Eiland (Baseball Player) – Dade City, FL
  8. Delta Burke (Actress/Producer/Author) – Orlando, FL
  9. Deion Sanders (Football Corner Back/Analyst/Baseball Player) – For Myers, FL
  10. GloZell Green (YouTube Star) – Miami, FL
  11. Jazz Jennings (Transgender Woman/LGBTQ Rights Activist) – Miami, FL
  12. Jacqueline Cochran (WWII Pioneer in American Aviation/Helped Form WAAC & WASP) – Muscogee, FL
  13. Jim Morrison (“The Doors” lead singer/Songwriter/Poet) – Melbourne, FL
  14. Kelly Kelly (Wrestler/Model) – Jacksonville, FL
  15. Kelly Slater (Professional Surfer) – Cocoa Beach, FL
  16. Lillian Smith (Writer/Critic) – Jasper, FL
  17. Maurice “Trick Daddy” Young (Rapper/Producer) – Liberty City, FL
  18. Norman Reedus (Actor) – Hollywood, FL
  19. Ronnie Van Zant (“Lynard Skynard” Singer/Songwriter) – Jacksonville, FL
  20. Ryan Pickett (Football Nose Tackle) – Zephyrhills, FL
  21. Ray Lewis (Football Linebacker) – Bartow, FL
  22. Scott “Carrot Top” Thompson (Comedian/Actor/Director/Producer/Writer) – Rockledge, FL
  23. Tom Petty (Singer/Songwriter/Musician/Producer/Actor) – Gainesville, FL
  24. Tom Gordon (Baseball Pitcher) – Sebring, FL
  25. Victoria Justice (Actress/Pop Singer) – Hollywood, FL
  26. Warren Sapp (Football Defensive Tackle) – Plymouth, FL
  27. Wallace Amos, Jr. (TV Personality/Founder of “Famous Amos” Chocolate Chip Cookie Brand) – Tallahassee, FL
  28. Wesley Snipes (Actor/Producer/Martial Artist) – Orlando, FL
  29. Wilmer Valderrama (Actor/Singer/Producer) – Miami, FL
  30. Adassa (Reggae Singer/Songwriter) – Miami, FL
  31. Ace Hood (Rapper) – Port St Lucie, FL
  32. Alex Avila (Baseball Catcher) – Hialeah, FL
  33. Carl Hiaasen (Novelist/Journalist) – Fort Lauderdale, FL
  34. Chipper Jones (Baseball Player) – DeLand, FL
  35. Desmond Child (Songwriter/Musician/Producer) – Gainesville, FL
  36. Donnie Van Zant (“.38 Special” Singer/Guitarist) – Jacksonville, FL
  37. David Bellamy (“Bellamy Brothers” Singer) – Darby, FL
  38. Elizabeth Ashley (Actress) – Ocala, FL
  39. Fabiano Caruana (Chess Grandmaster/US Chess Champion) – Miami, FL
  40. Fernando Bujones (Dancer) – Miami, FL
  41. Greg Eklund (“Everclear” Drummer) – Jacksonville, FL
  42. Geno Smith (Football Quarterback) – Miami, FL
  43. Homer Bellamy (“Bellamy Brothers” Singer) – Darby, FL
  44. Jason Derulo (Singer) – Miami, FL
  45. Josh Kaufman (Singer/Songwriter/Pianist) – Sarasota, FL
  46. Jim Courier (Professional Tennis Player) – Sanford, FL
  47. Jeff Mathis (Baseball Catcher) – Mariana, FL
  48. Janet Reno (1st Female US Attorney General) – Miami, FL
  49. Katy Mixon (Actress) – Pensacola, FL
  50. Julio Oscar Mechoso (Actor) – Miami, FL

If you’ve been enjoying these neat Florida facts, be sure to check out the book Florida: Lightning, Oranges, & Space Travel (Think You Know Your States? Book 1). The Think You Know Your States? Series is a fun little series full of facts about the US states. Also out is Wisconsin: Beer, Cheese, & Football (Think You Know Your States?) (Volume 2). Plus, keep an eye out for volume three, West Virginia: Bridges, Mountains, & Coal, due out in April!


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