‘Bound By Time’ by A.D. Trosper – 5 Star Review!!!


I should admit from the very start that A.D. Trosper is one of my favorite indies, and I was more than thrilled to read her newest title. ‘Bound By Time’ is a beautiful, deep paranormal romance, with a very strong basis in horror. I was dragged into the story, finding myself devouring the book in every spare, waking moment. The details were realistic, and it seemed as though I were smack dab in the middle of the story instead of a mere bystander watching it go on. My skin crawled. My heart thumped. I gasped, laughed, and cried.

I have read the book twice. Each time, it took me only a few days to read the book in it’s entirety. Not because it’s short, and I wouldn’t call it light either, but because I literally could not pull myself away. I lost a lot of sleep over this book, but it was so worth it.

The characters… oh how I love the characters! What I love most about A.D. Trosper’s writing is her characters. They easily feel like friends I’ve known my whole life. I can SEE them clearly in my head as I read. Their personalities are unique, and develop naturally. I just can’t even find the words to portray how realistic these characters are.

I love Isobel, of course. She’s strong, unique, and a book worm (just like me!). But she’s not unbelievably strong. She’s realistic, too. She has panic attacks in moments of intense stress – something I can easily relate to – but she pushes through them to come out stronger each time. Then there’s Damien… oh, I’m in love with him. I am. He’s protective, romantic, hunky, and yet… he’s realistic too! The author didn’t paint an unrealistically flawless macho man. He, and Isobel, come complete with flaws that make them who they are. The supporting cast were right in the forefront of the story, as well, and I fell in love with all of them.

I could continue to ramble on about how much I loved this book…. and on… and on. But let’s get to the point. Would I recommend this book? YES! (I’m yelling this at you, by the way.) I recommend it to people who love horror, paranormal romance, or romance in general. I recommend it to anyone who enjoys a well written, realistically portrayed story which immediately captures your attention and keeps it until the very ending. I was left craving more, and I know you will be too. You won’t regret reading this book.

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